The Miracle of Being Human

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it is a day for the gathering of family and friends and typically involves the sharing of delicious food, laughter and conversation. The holiday originated with long-awaited harvests which the early American settlers experienced in their new country. After struggling to find their way and establish themselves, the colonists were finally able to celebrate the bountifulness of their new world. The word bountiful resonates with me when I think of giving thanks this time of year. Virginia Satir, a preeminent family therapist, describes the feeling of well-being her family experienced when the big kettle in their midwestern farm kitchen was brimming with food scrumptiously stewing and filling the room with wonderful aromas. The full pot came to symbolize the well-being of her family.

The human spirit is incredibly strong, bountiful and miraculously resilient! Even in hard and trying times such as these, it is important to fill our hearts and minds with childlike wonderment at the miracle of being human. Look around this holiday season and SEE the light in children’s eyes, HEAR the laughter in your homes and SPEAK of your love to your family and friends. Fill your inner kettle with love and hope and you will know what it is to be thankful. Happy Holidays.

– Karen Binder-Brynes, Ph.D.
Dr. Karen Binder-Brynes is a leading psychologist with a private practice in New York City for the past 15 years. See her website, DrKarennyc.com, for more information.