New Year’s Resolutions From Some of Our Favorite People

To usher in a new era of global peace, environmental stewardship, and general good vibes through the power of pressed, unpasteurized juice. —Philip Otto, Beverly Hills Juice Club

To keep faith and focus on the goodness in humanity even in the current world atmosphere of terrorist threats, economic worry, and environmental concern. The time to have faith is when we need it, and we need it now! —Dr. Karen Binder-Brynes

My New Year’s Resolution is to unplug completely on Sundays from all internet, emails, text messages, and other social media and turn everything off except for the old fashioned broadcast TV to watch a football game or two. Hopefully this will also eventually lead to Saturday inclusion for an invasion and detachment-free weekend with my wife and two boys…who knows where this may lead??  Family book reading?? Silly word games?? Comfortable stretches of quiet??  God, how nerve-wracking the idea??!! —Mario Batali

I don’t typically believe in waiting a year to “resolve”—it should be a daily thing: I’ll say, to communicate on a deeper level with the people I love (not just in my music…). And to not eat french fries everyday! —Jay-Z

This year I will not allow doubts to diminish my belief in myself, knowing that the only limits are the ones I put on myself. I will accomplish great things by awakening and sustaining certainty in my abilities and what I can accomplish for myself my family and the world. —Michael Berg

My New Years Resolution is to invest more in people who are like-hearted. I sometimes find myself trying to change people and things in my life that will probably never change or can’t be fixed.  Years can sometimes pass by so quickly, and it’s important to always surround yourself with people who respect your gifts and are in your life for the right reasons. —Tracy Anderson

1. Do not get upset about stupid things.
2. Do Pilates three times a week.
3. Wear a helmet when I ski.

Flow—Deepak Chopra

In the year 2011, I’m gonna lose 15 pounds, 10 pounds, three pounds. Three pounds is doable. I could totally lose three pounds. And I will quit introducing myself to people as Kenny Simon. —Jimmy Fallon

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions any more. After trying for many years, only to give them up for Lent (LOL!), I finally saw that they were putting me in a wrong relationship with myself. So instead, now I simply carve out a chunk of silent time to reflect deeply on the passing year—the high points, the low points, the gifts, the lessons—and to open a space in my heart to receive the new year, with it own awaiting high points, low points, and lessons. Thus prepared inwardly for the voyage, I then set sail, wherever the winds and currents are to carry me. —Cynthia Bourgeault

My resolution this year is to use whatever happens—whether challenging or pleasant—as a way to grow. —Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel

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