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The Last Thing I Bought

It would be tough to find someone at goop who doesn’t make good use of their employee discount. Our order histories often read like a diary—this was the month I renewed my interest in sheet-pan dinners, or the day I celebrated my best friend’s bachelorette, or the time I started planning a long-awaited summer vacation. So we asked a few colleagues, “What’s the last thing you bought from goop?” Items we found in a typical cart: A fresh pair of Birkenstocks. A bulk order of go-to gifts. And a restock of the last miracle cream or conditioner or mascara Jean got us into.

  1. “My favorite Pilates studio has opened back up, and I’ve been going regularly. The Theragun Mini I bought has been my savior. It is so easy to use, has a variety of speeds, and is great for travel—I recently took it with me on a weekend trip. And the new rose color is just beautiful.” —Kelly Faulds, director of buying and wholesale, beauty and wellness

    Therabody Theragun Mini
    Therabody Theragun Mini goop, $199
  2. “These G. Label cashmere shorts are my most exciting purchase of the summer. They are so soft, and the A-line cut is really flattering. I’ll wear them with a tee or tank or over a swimsuit now and with a sweater come fall. And the set—peep the matching polo—is my new look for evening tennis matches with my husband.” —Ali Pew, fashion director

    G. Label  Harned Sweater Shorts
    G. Label Harned Sweater Shorts goop, $395
  3. “I bought three Double-Sided Wand Vibrators—one for each of my best friends. Their reviews? Excellent. So yes, I’ll be buying one for myself next.” —Olivia Lev, social media coordinator

    goop Wellness Double-Sided Wand Vibrator
    goop Wellness Double-Sided Wand Vibrator goop, $95
  4. “Last goop sale, I decided to splurge on a gorgeous blue-painted leather bag and added a few extras to my cart while I was at it: toothpaste, razor blades, a tongue scraper. The bag is beautiful, and I use it all the time. But the nine-dollar tongue scraper is hands down the most loved thing that came in that brown cardboard box. It’s a daily habit that keeps my mouth feeling clean and my breath fresh.” —Kelly Martin, associate editor

    BOKA Rasana Tongue Cleaner
    BOKA Rasana Tongue Cleaner goop, $9
  5. “It was a bottle of G.Day—well, technically three bottles of G.Day. I love the scent: ginger and ashwagandha, plus a magical blend of Japanese shiso leaf, Indian black pepper oil, and pink peppercorn berries. It’s fresh, spicy, a little earthy even. Plus, it makes a great gift (hence the hoarding).” —Amanda Chung, associate editor

    goop Beauty G.Day Ginger + Ashwagandha Body Wash
    goop Beauty G.Day Ginger +
    Energy Body Wash
    goop, $32
  6. “This is it. This is the mascara I keep coming back to. It checks all my boxes: no irritation, no flakes or raccoon eyes, and—best part—it washes off incredibly easily. What more could you ask for?” —Barbara Ly, lead web developer

    Saie Mascara 101
    Saie Mascara 101 goop, $24
  7. “I bought this DEET-free bug spray for a trip to Texas to see family. Historically, I have let the mosquitoes win. I’m happy to report that was not the case this summer.” —Jessie Geoffray, senior editor

    Kinfield Golden Hour Bug Spray
    Kinfield Golden Hour Bug Spray goop, $22
  8. “After a year and a half of working out with one-pound weights, I’m ready to go big with…three-pound weights. Bala makes the most comfortable workout gear to use—and so cute. Oh, and I got Cocofloss. Anytime I place an order on goop.com, I get Cocofloss. It’s a lifestyle.” —Kiki Koroshetz, wellness director

    Bala Bala Bars
    Bala Bala Bars goop, $55
  9. “My last purchase was the oh so silky Concetta Skirt from Ciao Lucia. It’s simple, chic, and made from cupro—a plant-based fabric. Cute and sustainable! I’ll be wearing it with a white tee or an oversize sweater for summer nights.” —Sarah Rose, senior stylist

    Ciao Lucia Concetta Skirt
    Ciao Lucia Concetta Skirt goop, $295
  10. “My last purchase was the ’90s Pinch-Waist Jeans from AGOLDE. They are a highly covetable—but strangely elusive—shade of light blue that is ideal for summer and pairs perfectly with a crisp white button-down and my favorite sneakers.” —Chandler LaFee, fashion assistant

    AGOLDE ’90s Pinch-Waist Jeans
    AGOLDE ’90s Pinch-Waist Jeans goop, $188
  11. “I just reordered the G.Tox scalp scrub shampoo. It’s just the best. It has this silky whipped texture. I love the way the Himalayan salt exfoliates my scalp. And it leaves my hair feeling super clean but still soft and moisturized. I use it once a week, and my hair is full of volume and super shiny and smells so good.”
    —Emma Brophy, editorial assistant

    goop Beauty  G.Tox Himalayan Salt Scalp Scrub Shampoo
    goop Beauty G.Tox Himalayan Salt
    Scalp Scrub Shampoo
    goop, $42
  12. “Growing up in Portland and seeing my mom practically live in Birkenstocks has convinced me that they are a closet staple. Around this time last year, I purchased the Arizona Big-Buckle Birks in black, and I wear them all the time. So as soon as I saw these go live on our site, I added to cart. I’m excited for a fresh white pair; they feel summery, and I love the Big-Buckle style.”
    —Emma Elliott, senior designer

    Birkenstock Madrid Big-Buckle Birkenstock
    Birkenstock Madrid Big-Buckle
    goop, $130
  13. “I’m very passionate about Nerd Alerts, and I might have converted everyone around me. My roommate is obsessed with them, so I recently bought a bag for her. She takes them as a midday pick-me-up that doesn’t make her feel jumpy as a cup of coffee would.” —Bri Mack, staff accountant

    goop Wellness Nerd Alert
    goop Wellness Nerd Alert goop, $30
  14. “For our third virtual In goop Health, I was lucky and got to meet virtually with Yana Blinova. For the uninitiated, she’s the inventor of the Pelvic Clock Exercise Device, a tool that I didn’t know I needed but now can’t live without. Blinova is a former Olympic coach, and she taught me a series of exercises for back relief and core strength. I borrowed the Pelvic Clock from another editor for my Monday morning Zoom with Blinova, but immediately after my session, I had to get my own. I knew my core needed work, but it was eye-opening to work with Blinova to discover where I was holding tension and tightness and learn simple adjustments that help with balance, symmetry, and more.”
    —Samantha Saiyavongsa, senior programming manager

    Pelvic Clock Pelvic Clock Exercise Device
    Pelvic Clock Pelvic Clock Exercise Device goop, $84
  15. “I keep clean sunscreen on hand because I’ve learned the hard way that last-minute store runs do not guarantee that I’ll find clean sunscreens. Typically, they have at least one endocrine disruptor, whether it’s oxybenzone, avobenzone, or octocrylene, or a skin irritant like octinoxate, homosalate, or octisalate. A sunscreen like All Good is great for kids. It checks all the boxes. It’s a mineral sunscreen—it uses zinc oxide to physically block UVA and UVB rays, instead of the chemicals that I mentioned earlier. It’s SPF 30, nongreasy, and water-resistant, so it’s great for beach or pool time.”
    —Denise John, senior science editor

    All Good Kid's Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30
    All Good Kid’s Sunscreen
    Lotion SPF 30
    goop, $16
  16. “After a casserole-gone-wrong incident destroyed my favorite pan, I was utterly convinced by our food director, Caitlin, to buy this bakeware set. It comes with five different-size pans. I love the smaller ones, which make perfect two-person portions, since it’s just me and my boyfriend at home. It’s also foolproof to cook with. It’s safe for the oven, stovetop, and freezer, and it’s dishwasher-friendly. So far I’ve made some epic crispy-skinned chicken thighs and roasted summer veggies, not to mention goop’s miso salmon—and I can’t wait to make this spinach lasagna.” —Brianna Peters, associate beauty editor

    Falcon  Enamelware Bake Set
    Falcon Enamelware Bake Set goop, $115
  17. “It was always so hard to find a pair of jean shorts that I loved until I tried the RE/DONE ’50s Cutoffs. I am all about the high-waisted and loose-around-the-thigh fit. Now I own three pairs. I already live in the black and blue denim versions, so when I saw that we were carrying them in white, I immediately added to cart. These shorts, my white Birks, and a G. Label tee is my summer out-and-about uniform.” —Molly Kalinsky, senior manager, brand partnerships and marketing

    RE/DONE ’50s Cutoffs
    RE/DONE ’50s Cutoffs goop, $195
  18. “I gave away most of my stuff when I moved across the country last year, and I’m slowly trying to restock with beautiful, functional pieces I’ll have for a long time. I’ve wanted a Fellow Stagg Kettle forever, and I’ve wanted the electric version since accidentally scorching my last kettle to death when I left it on the burner. The temperature controls are super precise, the gooseneck spout has the smoothest pour, and the minimalist design looks great on my countertop. And, okay, the automatic shutoff is definitely appreciated.” —Carolyn Stanley, managing editor

    Fellow Stagg Electric Kettle
    Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle goop, $149