A 14-Minute Meditation to Help You Let Go

Mindfulness is magic when what you do on your meditation pouf starts to trickle into your everyday life. For example: If you practice gently turning your attention to your breath when your mind takes off running, it may get easier to turn away from painful ruminations when they pop up after a stressful event. And if you practice envisioning what you find beautiful in the world when your eyes are closed, maybe you’ll see more of it when your eyes are open.

In this meditation to cultivate optimism, breathwork and meditation facilitator Jenna Reiss invites us to let go of what we can’t control and look for new, brighter perspectives. After some initial deep breaths, Reiss has us identify areas of tension in our bodies and asks: Without forcing any physical change, can we imagine what it would feel like for that tension to melt away? Can we bask in what feels good in the presence of something more difficult? It’s a potent practice for coping with tough feelings and bad news. While we might not always be able to change what’s happening to us and around us, we can build up our own sense of emotional resilience so that it’s a little easier to get through it all.