A Meditation Kit for Rookies

It doesn’t matter how good we know meditation is for us: That fact alone does not make sitting still any easier. What has brought us closer to Zen and gotten our butts on a meditation pillow: carving out a sacred space, a quiet corner, a place where we can look forward to checking in with the body and tuning out the rest.

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    This Japanese-inspired meditation bench is designed for everyone who thinks sitting in a traditional cross-legged position is hell. Instead, you sit with your feet tucked under your knees and let your spine go into its natural curve. Use it while you’re meditating, but if you’ve been sensing a decline in your posture (we all have), this chair is also great for working and eating. And it can be easily dismantled and slung into its accompanying cotton bag to transport it.

  • original meditation bench
    original meditation bench
    goop, $135
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    This brass incense holder adds beauty and weight to your daily ritual. The slice of agate, a stone said to inspire security and confidence, can be threaded with a stick of the set’s Japanese-style incense. Cinnamon Projects is known for clean scents—like 2AM, a scent meant to convey a clean, early-morning feeling—that fill the space without overwhelming the people in it.

  • goop exclusive agate burner + incense set
    goop x Cinnamon Projects
    goop exclusive agate burner + incense set
    goop, $295
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    Sitting still is not for everyone. If moving meditation is your jam, this plush floor pillow is perfect. It’s built for stretching and rolling around at will. It’s lined with linen and filled with vegan Kapok fibers. Toss it down whenever you need to feel grounded. (We’ve also been known to use it as a perch for an extended Netflix evening.)

  • sedona large zabuton floor pillow
    goop x CB2
    sedona large zabuton
    floor pillow

    goop, $230
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    Tibetan singing bowls are thought to train the brain to move into a peaceful, meditative state. This one, hand-hammered in Nepal, adheres to a traditional design that predates Buddhist practice. Incausa’s bundle comes with all the goods to set the mood, including an aged-essential-oil vegan soap, a handmade incense blend, and palo santo wood.

  • large standard singing bowl set
    large standard singing bowl set
    goop, $185
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    Clear the air with a stick of hand-pressed incense made of pure cedar, a wood revered for centuries for its soothing properties. One stick goes far—break off just an inch and burn it on a safe surface to fill the room with a warm, woodsy aroma.

  • cedarwood hand-pressed incense
    cedarwood hand-pressed incense,
    pure cedar

    goop, $16
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    Desert landscapes meet Japanese tradition in this box of incense inspired by the Sonoran Desert and crafted in Kyoto. The scent is a bit on the darker side: Notes of tobacco and oud merge into a heady smoke, perfect for ending the night.

  • ironwood thorn long stick incense
    Tennen Studio
    ironwood thorn long stick incense
    box of 50

    goop, $44
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    Dip into infinite awareness with Dr. Eben Alexander and Karen Newell. Alexander is a former academic neurosurgeon who experienced a huge shift in perspective after a near-death experience convinced him that consciousness stems from the spirit, not the brain. Newell, a pioneer in sound meditation and binaural beats, has spent her life exploring consciousness. Together, they teach us how to use mindfulness and meditation to engage the world with a more open mind and expansive heart.

  • living in a mindful universe
    living in a mindful universe
    goop, $22