9 Ways to Bring in the New

Los Angeles-based intuitive Jill Willard, who guided us through tapping into and translating gut instinct into greater knowing, spends a lot of her time with clients helping them navigate how to both welcome and embrace change—and create the necessary space for the new. As the year quickly winds down and New Year’s Resolution time looms, we asked her to break down what’s required for fresh starts.

Creating Space Within

  1. Know you have the capacity for infinite new.

    We like the old and we tend to cling to it, but letting go of “yesterday” is important. This doesn’t necessarily happen with a snap of the finger, a declaration or intention (though important), or the wave of the hand. We must listen to our gut to really understand what it is that is lingering. Then, you can let it go by acknowledging what is (a mistake, regret, pain, emotion, guilt) and then you can take kind steps to clear the energy. You can clear it by admitting the mistake, releasing the emotion that is lodged, or by talking about and honoring the seed that created the past situation. There’s a final step that’s often neglected: After addressing the energy, reconcile with yourself or the other affected party, and then celebrate the progress and conclusion of the cycle with a handshake, hug, letter, or new experience with that person or place. This can create a new landscape of what is in the now, and this new and fresh vista can become the current reality. Intuition is always weighing energy in the now, even if it is perceived as being in the past.

  2. Let go of duality thinking.

    Duality thinking revolves around the idea that there is a wrong/right or a good/bad. This is a thought or belief process that has become very ingrained in all of us over time. But we are capable of maturing through this way of thinking by age 15. It is time that we all see the center space or understand that there might be multiple perspectives; this white/black thinking serves no one. That power comes from shining a light on, and finding worth in the self, the other, and all shades in between—it is an essential process to understand the world, our opinions, and our place and credence within a social or group structure. True agency comes from knowing ourselves and knowing there is a whole pie involved, that we are complete within ourselves, that we are capable of showing empathy and understanding, and that our perspective might just be the crust. Accessing the whole pie is much richer (and tastier) than believing or dissecting only the parts of the situation (or life) that are comfortable or convenient. Intuition is more than the whole of the naked eye; it is more than the sum of the parts.

    When we are able to discover that there is enough for everyone and judgment only hinders growth, we begin to share. This helps make room for intuition as we are in a place of whole thinking, and not in the broken “this/that” way of believing. The intuitive mind and heart know that everything is connected and there is no empty space (black/white) between people or actions.

  3. Keep space clear physically.

    Many attribute this to Buddhist or Feng Shui belief, yet it is a theme in many cultures, neighborhoods, religions/societies, and strangely enough, golf courses. When we keep our physical space clear, it’s very helpful for our brains and bodies to feel more clear, organized, or “light”—which in turn is helpful for the mind and body to “see,” feel, and know information clearly. The old adage of “a cluttered room is a cluttered mind” pertains here: There are few things more powerful and productive than clearing out our home (or, at least, bedroom and closet), office desk, old boxes, car, or other living and working spaces. Give “stuff” away and recycle what is no longer needed. If you feel extra daring, you can clear a corner of a room, an entire room or have a clean space outside to begin to sit, meditate, write, or read in silence and visual clarity.

  4. Recognize when you are remembering when.

    As we open and make the intention of creating space and bringing in the new, “old” thoughts will creep up, wanting out…the energy of the thoughts (or the drain) can wear us down and muddle our intuition. This addresses a common question I get all the time: “How do you know when it is intuition and how do you know when it is a fear or worry acting as a ‘gut’ reaction.” Notice the words acting and reaction…neither pertains to intuition.

    Intuition is non-emotional and non-reactive. Emotions can come later from what we “know” or “sense” intuitively but in the moment, the information or knowing will almost seem monotone or factual, no emotions attached. When we are fully present (and not remembering or triggered by a “when”), we are present. This presence is non-emotional, usually calm and jovial, a feeling and aura of “lightness.” Projections of fear, non-safety or “need”/”want” to defend or attack are nowhere near our intuition.

    Projections are a slippery slope. Usually, we are triggered by something that we are trying to ignore, or want to cast off as someone else’s fault or responsibility. When I find myself projecting, then I have hopped out of my intuition and have not cleared a space to see the present or my gut clearly. When this occurs it helps to breathe back into the body and, if possible, address the projection right away. If I catch it later I do my best to learn from the situation, understand what was the trigger (or fear), and notice when it is an old thought driving me and not the present now (tapping into the soul). I also do a forgiveness meditation or send thoughts, love, and prayers to those that received my projecting!

  5. Understand happy gratitude.

    An attitude of gratitude is powerful. That said, I do feel it is unrealistic to have it at all times. Happy gratitude can offer elation, euphoria, even just a feeling of a light step or heartbeat. It is lovely when we feel this. But it is unrealistic to be in this state all the time as we are fluid and the “now” is constantly in flow. Learning to adjust to the flux of life, and knowing that some days or moments will not be filled with elation is a maturing step toward opening and creating space for intuition.

    Without that acknowledgment, we can become almost manic in our quest for happiness and even gratitude. If we can realize that gratitude takes many forms and be at ease with every emotion, the moments of joy will feel happy and the moments of sadness will be experienced with a deep ease or underlying contentment. This does not mean we will not feel pain or great loss in our life. It simply means we will return to a gracious and content space more efficiently and feel that gratitude possibly more profoundly. And our intuition and connection to others will not get lost in the process. We will also lash out less and love more. We are all human. When I am in the state of losing sight of gratitude, connecting back to the now through breath, self-forgiveness, and seeing the simplicity in a moment helps bring me out of my flight or fight thinking (brain) and back into my heart. Projections then cease and gratitude and abundance returns.

  6. Find your inner grace.

    To have space for intuition the lining of the intuitive boundaries must be lined with grace. Grace is powerful and malleable. When we are full of grace, we become more flexible and in the now.

    It’s funny, but when I feel I am losing grace, losing my focus on staying centered, or letting the energy of others get in and get the best of me, I realize I am nowhere near being in presence or giving myself space to breathe (and, therefore, grow/expand). I often go a bit concave, as feminine energy often does; and then grace has nowhere to find me, and I have no space to find it.

    I end up sleeping less, drinking more, or wishing to talk about others. If we can just remember the mantra or saying “I Am Graceful,” “I am Grace Full,” or “I Am Grace,” when we are meditating, walking, thinking, or reacting, there can be more room for intuitive thought (and calm centering) almost instantly.

  7. Honor the importance of colors.

    Colors are important. Our lower energy centers or chakras in the body are very connected to earth and our first few decades of life in such a profound way, that getting colorful, often rooted vegetables (and fruits from rooted trees) are important. Making sure that water is clean enough and that air quality is clear, and helping these colors grow to full vibrancy are important as well. Knowing our bodies and asking our intuition (versus our cravings or patterning) what colors we need is almost sci-fi and rockin’ at the same time. Try it. Eating more color (greens are extremely important for us all, of course) can be a magical carpet ride. It does not cost much to find a farmer’s or farm fresh market, orchard, or farm…and just a few new colors can help tremendously. There is great rich color in fresh meat if you eat meat and even beans and rice can offer some richness. If you do not live in a populated area, even growing a few simple herbs (basil, etc.) can be a way to get fresh color in that you know (intuitively or not) has had the freshest elements possible in its growth process. This translates to your body, mind, and temperament and leads to fresh new perspectives and living more in the present day.

  8. Remember to move.

    This topic gets a bit belabored yet it must be mentioned here. Movement is key to being in the body and in the now. Toxins, old memory, stale blood, used oxygen, thought, and shallowness of breath can lead to higher adrenal tax, cortisol surge, and a fatigued mind, elimination system, and heart. In addition, old energy or thoughts can linger in the brain, in the joints, in the connective tissue, and in the organs. This is not living in the now, being present, or giving yourself intuitive support. Being weighed down, living in the past and holding on to a juiceless fruit or energy system will only create more muddled thoughts, actions, and harder knocks from the universe asking us to move on, into the current moment. Again, this is where intuition resides.

    Try focusing on your lymphatic system for drainage/letting go of old, circulation, and regeneration. Jumping on a mini trampoline or using a roller are very helpful acts to clear old energy and make room for intuition and the new.

    There are many brilliant systems of clearing within us: Inhaling and exhaling, ingesting and releasing…let your body do its work. And in that process, let your overactive mind calm and quell the controlled overdrive.

  9. Goodnight.

    Rest is imperative. A rested heart and body refreshes to a higher degree, which helps intuition tremendously in that it also lets us decipher and notice signs more readily; synchronicities are not missed or overlooked for their beauty when you are well-rested.

    Calming the heart is key for rest. Bringing in a new sweetheart or refreshing the moment with your current sweetheart takes energy, attention, and an open happy heart. These keys are the same for understanding intuition to a higher and more enjoyable degree. A healthy relationship with our intuition (and not using our knowing to hurt someone else) is similar to all the relationships we’ll ever have. It is about care, nourishment, and seeing things clearly. It is about action and less reaction.

    When we open and make space for our intuition we may realize there are relationships in our current life that no longer serve us. Rest assured that letting go of past dynamics and honoring that a relationship does not serve us in our current state is very helpful and liberating.

    Whether it is a coworker, schoolmate, family member (over the age of 20-21) or an ex we continue to engage with (or think about), make sure that the relationship serves each of you in the current moment; that you feel safe, seen, and heard; and that there is still nectar in its co-creation or exchange. It is okay to find your space and agency in any relationship that is not serving you in the moment, all while doing your best not to project or blame. If the other person involved cannot honor your shift in the now then quiet time or space away for reflection and healing can do wonders for our bodies, our intuition…and our soul. Whether it is with a child or a grown adult, the inner experience is always mending and recharging. It is okay to honor that our part of an exchange or experience needs time to create more space for health, happy calm, and peaceful forgiveness. We hold a large golden key within.

May you wish for yourself and others to be happy. May you feel healthy within and throughout. May you not feel obligated to make someone else happy. May you feel content and restful. This helps clear the way for a more positive, wise, and intuitive life experience.

Jill Willard has been doing intuitive and mediumship readings all her life, professionally since 2007. Willard has delivered and taught hundreds of readings, classes, and lectures, in which she leads people through the balanced path of opening intuition. Her work is aimed at helping others reach their highest potential. Her current book project details intuitive courage, flowing chakra centers, and how our understanding of thought and energy can help open the intuitive mind. Jill’s TEDx talk, Making Space For Intuition, can be seen here.