4 Women on What’s Inside Their
Mindfulness Tool Kit

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A meditation app. A journal. Essential oils. Everyone has her own approach to practicing mindfulness. And while it’s true there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, once you know what works and you’re able to incorporate it into your daily routine, it becomes indispensable. “The beauty of meditation and mindfulness practice is literally how portable they are,” explains Shira Myrow, an LA-based mindfulness therapist and meditation teacher. “With daily practice, they become mental muscles that you can reach for at any point.”

And because everyone handles stress or distraction differently, we went to four women—an entrepreneur, a holistic health coach, a physician, and a therapist—to find out how they build mindfulness into their day, and how you can get into the right mind-set to do so.

  • Sara Panton headshot

    Sara Panton

    CEO and cofounder, Vitruvi


    “If I’m feeling stressed, I rely on a technique adapted from traditional Qigong energy practices. It’s simple and quiet—do it as you walk into a meeting or while sitting at your desk. Start by taking a deep breath through your nose to the count of three into the lower abdomen, while visualizing your lungs filling up with a color that represents peace, happiness, focus, or whatever you want to feel in the moment. Then exhale to the count of three, visualizing grey or dark stale energy that you want to release. Repeat this cycle three times throughout the day. It takes less than one minute.”

    “My mornings are often rushed, so I try to take a moment for myself. The shower is an easy place to do this. I add three drops of essential oil to the palms of my hands in the shower, rub them together, and inhale deeply. It smells like a eucalyptus steam room in an instant.”
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    “The brain loves patterns—and an aroma to cue that the workday is done is a simple and effective way to help establish a ritual. When I get home, I add ten drops of the Vitruvi Dusk essential oil to my diffuser. The aroma was inspired by a trip I took to Joshua Tree, and it reminds me of being with my friends and the feeling of being completely present hiking under the stillness of the moon.”
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  • Ann Park headshot

    Ann Park

    physician and coach


    “Growing up, I swum before I walked, so water has always been a place of tranquility for me. Today, swimming three to four times a week is a go-to mindfulness practice. It helps that underwater submersion creates immediate quiet and requires attention to breath.”
  • “My other favorite practice is simply going outside to walk—day or night or, better yet, both. The sights and sounds of nature hold a great draw for me and make it delightful to step into the present moment. It’s an easy way to boost mindfulness (and mood) that I also highly recommend to my clients.”
  • Shira Myrow headshot

    Shira Myrow

    psychotherapist and meditation teacher
    at Evenflow Meditation


    “When you’re stressed out, scattered, or overwhelmed, finding your breath and centering your attention with mindful awareness can help you reset and reanchor yourself. Even if you can’t do a formal sit for twenty minutes every day, you can always take a five-minute break to breathe. Everyone has five minutes.”

    “If you’re stuck in traffic commuting or standing in a long line, you can take a mindful moment or a self-compassion break instead of pulling out your phone, which most of us do automatically. With so many distractions, it’s tempting to check your texts or emails instead of being alone with your thoughts and feelings. I take some deep breaths when I come home from work so I can meet whatever chaos is waiting for me (like my kids fighting or the dog going bonkers) when I walk through the door.”