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The Resolutions We’re

Committing to in 2020

In partnership with our friends at Daily Harvest


Daily Harvest

“Something I’m trying to do more of—in life and also with food—is to focus on adding things that are good, rather than stressing about cutting things out. Which is why I find Daily Harvest so appealing: It’s not a full-on commitment; it’s just a rad assortment of clean meals that are super easy to prepare and transport—and they’re delivered to your doorstep. The food isn’t overly complicated, but the recipes use an impressive variety of colorful whole-food ingredients I wouldn’t necessarily use on my own—there are blue-majik-soaked chia seeds and chaga lattes and grain-free options with Chioggia beets, macadamia nuts, and gochugaru. And it’s all incredible.” —Jessie Geoffray, editor

Daily Harvest, from $7 per item


La Maison de Coco
Chocolate Coco Drops

“My whole life, I’ve been completely addicted to chocolate. I blame my mother. For the start of a new decade, I’ve decided to be more conscious of what I put into my body—but chocolate is something I refuse to give up. Luckily, the chocolatier at La Maison de Coco has made these Coco Drops. Most hot chocolate mixes are powders and include a milk powder. The drops are dairy-free and made without added sugar. I’ll be sipping hot chocolate guilt-free all winter. I may even drop one into my coffee.” —Megan Converse, senior graphic designer

La Maison de Coco Liquid Chocolate Coco Drops, La Maison de Coco, $22


Waterfall Reiki & Animal Talk

“I had an aura reading recently with a woman who told me that this period of my life will be full of healing energy, especially from animals and nature. That makes me think I should spend more quality time with my dog, Ellie. So I’m going to invest in a few pet psychic sessions with her so we can communicate with each other on a deeper level. For me, this new year is about more subtle energy and less social media.” —Samantha Saiyavongsa, assistant editor

Waterfall Reiki & Animal Talk, $68 for a thirty-minute session


High School Genes

“I began taking High School Genes—a supplement regimen formulated for metabolism support—about three months ago, when I started to feel as if my body wasn’t responding to diet and exercise as well as it used to. I find that when I combine the regimen with my usual routine, I really notice a difference. Each daily packet comes with six pills, which can be a lot for me sometimes because I’m new to the supplement game. I like to spread them out over the day to make them easier to digest. I’ve been feeling great lately, so I want to make sure I stick to my routine next year.” —Kelly Burke, director of wellness strategy

goop Wellness High School Genes, goop, $90/$75 with subscription


The Cliffdiver

“January may be for cleanses and detoxes and all that good stuff, but 2020 is the start of a new decade for trying new things. While there’s no shortage of great food in Venice, my husband and I are on a mission to eat our way through LA…and our running list of new restaurants is looong. First up: Malibu’s just-opened Cliffdiver, a surfer-y, California-style cantina with lots of rattan and even more endless-summer vibes. Come for the kale nachos, stay for the smoky mezcal margaritas, and end on a game of bocce underneath the night sky.” —Alyssa Nelsen Geiger, senior creative copywriter

The Cliffdiver Restaurant


gthx app

“At a time when it’s so easy to go to a dark place and stay there, this new app encourages conscious moments of gratitude. The creators took inspiration from ancient prayer beads and figured out a way to reinterpret the experience for the digital age, meaning that there’s also a shareable social element to it.” —Kate Wolfson, executive editor

gthx app, monthly subscriptions from $3



“2020 is all about getting my body energetically in sync. This means listening more to what I need than to what I want. I’m kicking it off with Alejandro Junger’s Clean 7 program. Wish me luck!” —Alexis Antoniadis, social media manager

Clean 7 by Alejandro Junger



“I have vivid fantasies about being a surfer: slicing through the waves on my board, my stance loose and confident, wearing a neon-green bikini in some far-flung place where the water is crystalline and sun-warmed. If you’re like me—not great at surfing, full of heart, sun-worshipping, and agile on land in a way that could maybe possibly translate to agility riding tropical swells—then Wavecation is going to delight the hell out of you and serve as major inspiration for your next vacation. The platform allows you to book near incredible surf spots all over the world, and you can also become a host. It’s brilliant. I can’t wait to book a trip in the new year and pack my neon bikini.” —Megan O’Neill, senior beauty editor



Women’s Earth
Alliance T-Shirt

“I’m in with zero-waste: I buy from the bulk bins; I compost; I avoid anything unnecessarily plastic. But my big failing right now—and what I’m working on in the new year—is applying the same philosophy to what I wear. For anything I buy new, responsible and sustainable manufacturing is going to be key. And if the brand gives back to environmental nonprofits, that’s a huge bonus. Alice + Olivia is doing this great line of T-shirts in partnership with Women’s Earth Alliance. The shirts are made of linen, a material that’s easy on water resources. And they use dyes compliant with the Restricted Substance List. A portion of the proceeds benefits WEA’s mission of supporting women with the skills and tools they need to protect our planet. My best work bud, Leah, and I both got one. We love that the shirts skim the body nicely, crop at just the right spot, and are just so soft.” —Kelly Martin, assistant editor

Women’s Earth Alliance T-Shirt, Alice + Olivia, $125


Pain by Zeruya Shalev

“Most of the fiction I read is from the same major book publishers, and I have a few favorite book imprints. I’d like to read more novels from different independent publishers and more in translation. I’m reading Pain by Zeruya Shalev right now, which was published by Other Press and originally written in Hebrew. The writing is so sharp that I feel like I’m inside the mind of the main character, Iris, who feels more real than fictional.” —Kiki Koroshetz, wellness director

Pain by Zeruya Shalev, Amazon, $14


Hey Paddle

“Can you have repeat resolutions? Every year I try to get outside more and stay active in new ways. I was introduced to Hey Paddle during our fitness event, goop League, and it’s a perfect example of taking a workout to the next level. The classes combine paddleboarding with weight training, Pilates, and HITT workouts—all with views of the beautiful Austin skyline.” —Cat Stanley, manager, brand partnerships & marketing

Hey Paddle, from $28 a class



“I am making a pact with myself to support the local arts in every community I travel to in 2020. This will take many forms: a visit to the Mississippi Museum of Art during my spring trip to Jackson; a purchase at the Artists’ Shop in Missoula, Montana, when I head there in the summer; and a contribution to Connect2Culture, a nonprofit community arts organization in Joplin, Missouri—a place I am proud to have lived for several years. I have seen the direct impact Connect2Culture has had on its resilient region, so much of which is because of the program’s passionate community arts director, Emily Frankoski. In all forms, art has the power to change lives—and embolden entire communities.” —Stacey Lindsay, articles editor



Marfa Invitational

“One of my New Year’s resolutions is to stop filling my calendar for it to feel full and instead seek out the experiences that might heighten my perspective. If you feel the same, and if you’ve ever been curious about visiting Marfa, Donald Judd’s utopian art community in the Texas desert, book your tickets now for the Marfa Invitational: an immersive art fair that runs from April 2 to 5. This will be its second year—it’s still very much an insiders’ secret—the fair is already a necessary stop for art-world luminaries. Look for me early in the morning at Ramona the Burrito Lady’s charming hole-in-the-wall on Highland Avenue. Even if you’re not an art aficionado, the breakfast burrito alone is the worth the visit.” —Noora Raj Brown, SVP of communications

Marfa Invitational; April 2 to 5, 2020


Year & Day Serving Bowl

“My husband and I travel quite a bit, so when we are in town, we like to buckle down. In the new year, we plan to host monthly dinner parties with friends. These Year & Day serving bowls will make everything look photo-worthy and effortless.” —Monina Gaerlan, VP of business development

Year &s; Day Serving Bowl, Year & Day, $48


Overcast App

“In 2020, I’d like to add more podcasts to my listened list. And because I have less than an hour each morning to accomplish that, I need some help. Or the ability to stop time. Or the Overcast app, which has a Smart Speed feature that shrinks silences without distorting the conversation. Voilà: two episodes for the listening time of one.” —Amanda Chung, junior creative copywriter

Overcast app, iTunes, free