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Lighting, Aromatherapy, Supplements, and More Tools to Brighten Your Mood

A multipronged approach to mood support is often the most effective one. Try using all your sensory organs—eyes, ears, nose, taste buds, skin—to nourish your mood. Brownie points for aromatherapy that doubles as a soothing body oil. And if it’s a splurge-and-keep-it-forever jacket that gets you outside and moving, that’s wonderful, too.


Roll these oils on generously and breathe in deeply. Wild-crafted and organic essential oils are blended with jojoba oil for a delicate aromatherapy that can be applied directly to skin. Empath evokes warmth and protection with tulsi, sage, and geranium. Slow Vibes inspires calm and ease with blood orange, blue tansy, and sandalwood. And Self-Love is made with ylang-ylang, yuzu, and neroli. All are handmade—and treated with mood-supporting crystals—in Collingwood, Canada.


We don’t always have the mood-boosting option of going outside on a sunny day, but that doesn’t mean we need to be resigned to dreariness. Here are three options: Sunrise Sensations offers beautiful full-spectrum light-therapy lamps with adjustable brightness and color. At Sunlight Inside, a small Northern California company, lamps are handmade from glass, metal, and wood. They use patented six-color LED mixing technology and algorithms to re-create natural light that changes with the time of day. And Verilux makes the 10,000 Lux HappyLight, which can sit right next to you or be mounted on the wall.


Pull these tiny speakers out of your pocket to set the mood anywhere. They provide stereo sound quality, and the magnetic base makes it easy to place them wherever you want. Then go to Radiooooo and choose your favorite decade, and slow, fast, or weird.


In addition to being a rare and valuable culinary ingredient, saffron is used in Persian traditional medicine for mood support. Clinical studies have also shown benefits for mood. Note: The amount of saffron in this product is not equivalent to a clinical dose, but the latte is warm, rich, comforting, and delicious.*


Many books have been written, Ted Talks given, and lectures from grandmothers delivered about the joys of getting outside. Moving, breathing deeply, a walking meditation perhaps, or just communing with nature. If you want an extra layer for any of it, this luxurious jacket is styled with a practical windbreaker collar and a pretty drawstring waist.


If you’re not getting any outside sun time or you’re using sunscreen (obviously often necessary), your body can’t make vitamin D. Which, by the way, contributes to a healthy mood. Vitamin D Sun is a high-potency source of D3, with 125 micrograms (5,000 international units). Vitamin K is also included, so you’ve got nourishment for arteries, bones, and immunity.*


Gaia, one of the most respected names in herbal supplements, makes Adrenal Health Daily Support to help the body deal with stress. It’s formulated with the perfect balance of energizing rhodiola, calming holy basil, and Gaia’s own organic oats milky seed extract.* Take a peek at Gaia’s beautiful organic farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains.


The right supplements can support a healthy mood. Nutrients—such as the niacin, vitamin B6, folate, and iodine in Why Am I So Effing Tired?—are essential for basic housekeeping support, like helping to make neurotransmitters and hormones. These daily packets also include an herbal adaptogen blend—from Ayurveda—with plant extracts used traditionally for mood and stress: holy basil, ashwagandha, and bacopa.*

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