Nutrition Plan: The Ranch Daily

We’ve promulgated our love for The Ranch many times at goop, so we wasted no time jumping on board when we heard about their daily meal delivery program. The concept is not unlike other healthy meal delivery programs (which are now awesomely available in almost every city), but it’s the combination of The Ranch’s seriously good kitchen and their impeccable service that makes this one stand out.

Here’s how it works: Staffers deliver meals in the middle of the night, so an entire day’s worth of just-picked, portion-controlled dishes, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two hearty snacks, are sitting on the porch in a cooler the minute you wake up. Prep is minimal, ranging from pouring the dressing on a salad to briefly reheating warm meals in the microwave or oven (though never for more than five or ten minutes). The menu mimics the meals served at the famous resort almost to a T, which means vegan dishes that are filling and flavorful, somehow giving you enough energy to scale mountains without a trace of bloating or discomfort. Our favorites: A crispy flatbread vegan pizza with charred broccolini and vegan cheese, and a chia pudding breakfast situation with perfectly ripe berries. Meals can be ordered in batches of three, five, or twenty days, and while it would make for a great mid-week reset, The Ranch’s notoriously effective program also puts it at the top of our list for a longer-term detox in preparation for a big event.