Nerd Alert: A Chew that

Gives You a
Mental Boost

Ask Jean
  • Drew DeMartinis is goop’s highly caffeinated accountant. (Official title: controller.) He also sports some of the most daring and delightful looks at goop HQ.

    My job is very nerdy. I’m the controller at goop, which means I run our finance and accounting department. It requires a lot of focus and attention to detail. I’m up to three full cups a day of straight-up black coffee. And at this point, coffee just makes me feel…not tired. It doesn’t give me laser focus. So I was curious about goop’s new Nerd Alert soft chew, which combines energizing caffeine with grounding L-theanine. Sounded like it could be my hero?

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    $30 CHEWS / US $30
  • My first time taking Nerd Alert, I fell into focus. It’s what I’ve been looking for—but never really get—when I pick up a coffee cup. Staying on task with tedious spreadsheets started to take less effort. Typically, I have to keep reminding myself: Okay, this is what you’re doing now. Here’s how I described it: I was getting more done with less resistance.

    Rather than keep Nerd Alert for the nerdy things in my life, I tried taking a couple chews before a spin class. Sometimes in spin I get so trapped in my head: Am I on the right beat? Am I keeping up? But I was able to put that voice aside and, much more quickly than usual, get into a flow.

    I’ve tried taking Nerd Alert at a few different times throughout the day, but I like it best as part of my afternoon routine. And I’ll be keeping a few chews in my desk drawer and gym bag for whenever I hit a slump.