A Morning Gut-
Health Ritual
Go-Getter Habits

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Some people have mornings down to a science. They have their routine, they stick to it, and it sets them up to perform well all day. There are four goop staffers who we think run their a.m.’s just right. What they all have in common? A deliberately long morning—and time set aside for the most precious activities.

  1. Emily Wallerstein associate director of brand partnerships
  2. Emily Wallerstein |
    associate director of
    brand partnerships

  3. Sometimes I wish I were one of those people who’s out the door quick in the morning, but I really do like to start my day at a slower clip. I hop out of bed and make my daily pilgrimage to Barry’s Bootcamp. There’s nothing like a tough treadmill workout—and a motivating social environment—to wake you up. Then I’ll head home, wash up, and spend some time getting dressed. I love this part of the morning: It makes me feel put-together, and it’s the time to myself I need at the beginning of the day. I pack breakfast to eat at my desk while I work through my inbox and catch up on news (celeb or otherwise). My morning go-to for convenience these days is Activia’s Probiotic Smoothie. Their probiotic smoothie line is really a game-changer—which is why I wasn’t surprised to learn we’re serving them as welcome shots for our next In goop Health, in San Francisco. My current favorite is the one with strawberry, pomegranate, and chia; even though it’s got no added sugar, which I love, it’s got just the right amount of sweetness. And it’s totally refreshing. Plus, it’s packed with probiotics, and I like knowing that I’m starting my day with a choice that helps support my gut health.

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  3. I commute an hour to work, and that’s always been when I have my one coffee of the day. But lately, I’ve started waking up a little earlier to sit and have coffee at home. Instead of rushing out the door and sipping it in the car—by the time I’d get to work, it’d be gone, and I’d barely remember drinking it—I get to make it count. It’s a simple ritual, but it’s nice: After I’ve made my husband a smoothie and sent him out the door, the sun’s just rising, I have the house to myself, and there’s something warm and delicious in my hands. And I’ve got a sweet setup with a coffee grinder I love. As I evolved into a full-fledged coffee nerd, I learned a burr grinder is the best way to go. It is significantly cooler (temp-wise, that is) than blade grinders, and less heat means you aren’t prematurely releasing the essential oils from the beans—you want that to happen when brewing because those oils are so flavorful. In addition to temperature control, this grinder gives you even grounds, and you can dial it to the right grind and dose for whatever brew you’re making: I have mine set for a single pour-over, but it’s easy to adjust for a French press for four.

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  1. peter marcos |
    office manager

  2. My job involves being there for everyone else—I’m the office go-to for questions that start with “Have you seen” and “Can you help me with”—so I get up early every day to make sure I have some time to be there for myself. That means a 5:30 alarm every weekday. (I sleep in, if you can call it that, until 6:30 on weekends.) I give myself a good stretch—a real one, like what you’d do after a workout—and then take my time getting ready. I always pack a set of workout clothes for the day just in case, even if a class at Cycle House isn’t really in the plans. After that, it depends on the day: I’ll listen to classical music, have some coffee, read my horoscope. Anything that feels good in the moment that’s just for me. By the time I’m at the office, I’ve gotten in my me time, and I’m ready for whatever the day throws at me.

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  1. young choo | senior director of ad operations

  2. I have so much energy in the morning, and I make good use of it. Here’s how it goes: I’m up by 4:30, I throw on the gym clothes I put out the night before, then it’s a banana, the Morning Brew, and a preworkout. My golden retriever, Katsu, is the sleepiest, laziest being in the morning, but she’ll follow me out of bed and snooze on the bath mat while I get ready. I coax Katsu out of the house to potty, then I’m out the door myself for some exercise. I do F45—a training gym that does functional circuit workouts—four mornings a week, and I see a personal trainer for two. Then, after a bit of freshening up, I’m at work (and feeling energized) by 6:30 or 7:30 to keep in time with the rest of my team, most of whom are three hours ahead of me on East Coast time. And while I know this must all seem so hectic, believe me when I say my morning routine is a grounding one. I live in downtown LA—getting up while the city is quiet and the streets are empty sets a calm vibe that sticks with me for the rest of the day.

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