The Easy, Breezy Morning of 2 Wellness-Minded Besties

Created with Porsche

Written by: Kelly Martin


Published on: December 7, 2023


For influencer, Damsel in Dior blogger, Wyeth founder, and mom Jacey Duprie, a set of daily rituals invites a sense of beauty and ease into what might otherwise be chaos.

Duprie has a lot on her plate; wellness keeps the boat afloat. She’s a regular meditator, a habit that kicked off years ago with a powerful experience with hypnotherapy and a life-changing retreat at Esalen. She journals. And she turns toward the beauty in ordinary moments—a cup of tea, her favorite Pilates class, a hike, some time in her garden—to power her through the rest. “It’s about carving out little moments to take care of myself,” she says.

Her big project for the year? Launching the first IRL store for her brand Wyeth, now open in Culver City’s Platform. From her home in Studio City, the drive over takes up a solid chunk of her morning. She makes the time count: She catches up on news podcasts and whatever audiobook she’s into lately. But perhaps the best way to pass the time is with great company. Today, she brought along her best friend Ashley Fultz for the drive and a wellness-y morning in Culver. (We tagged along, too.)

Duprie’s ride for the day is a rolling sanctuary, the Porsche Cayenne. It’s the ultimate luxury for people on the move: comfortable, spacious, and not only fun to drive but a pleasure to spend time in. Which is especially vital for people who log a lot of time on the road—in commutes like Duprie’s, on school pickup duty, or peacing out of town for the weekend with their most cherished people. The effect is incredible: You’ll find the Cayenne is a reprieve from a busy day, and just as valuable for you-and-me time as your destination is.

Duprie and Fultz are creatures of habit: a cup of coffee
before their hike, and salads at their favorite lunch spot later.

“I’m learning that hiking, too, is a
meditation. Anything can be a meditation
if you want it to be,” Duprie says.

“I really believe in the influence and power of energy,” Duprie says
about her spiritual tune-ups with energy workers. After their hike, the
pair buckles back into the Cayenne on their way to pick up flowers.

At the local nursery, Duprie packs the
Cayenne with flowers for a fall refresh at Wyeth—
their last stop of the morning.



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