When GP was on day five of the flu last month, she reached that familiar breaking point when you’re willing to try just about anything (including your grandmother’s mysterious “tea”). GP turned on the infrared sauna and took to Instagram—and the comments were quickly lit up with suggestions. (Turns out oregano oil is popular.) As we head straight into the heart of flu season, we thought we’d share some of the genius suggestions.

andiezacher: Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath. Trust me.

sdutton1202 Have you tried raindrop therapy? My [masseuse] uses coconut oil and a mix of essential oils on my back and then lays a hot towel over it and covers it with plastic wrap. It feels divine.

cococrosbie: Hot water bottle, lots of layers and lots of boiled up 7up! Does the trick everytime

kellycurry13 Drinking tea, using oil of oregano on the souls of my [feet], and try a sea salt lounge! They have one in NY!

smokingcrow: Oregano oil. Tastes terrible and it works.

___lifelover___: Great approach!! Heat therapy, long essential oil baths in a copper tub combined with consuming lots of warm broths, juicing greens & tons of rest always pushes it out of my system.

dalenamyduncan Elderberry syrup and some Vit C and D! Feel better soon.

meganymeganymegany: Soak in Epsom salt, turmeric and ginger in your food!

georgiaxeve: Try lemon juice, hot water, honey and whiskey. Works a treat

penellibelle: Essential oils kill illness for me in days. Thank you orange oil and clove.

zestybloom: take a super hot bath in Epsom salts with 30 drops of tea tree and two drops of peppermint and stay in as long as you can take it

auredaris: Cold eez and a HOT toddy, 4 oz tea (any you like) 1 shot of good whiskey or bourbon, 2 tablespoons honey, heat on stove low heat till honey absorbed. Drink it as hot as you can stand. My grandmother used this on all ten of her kids and mom passed on down to us. Makes you sleep like a baby. It has always worked like a charm for me, as much egg drop soup as you can stand is good with it.

jd_ferguson: Ginger ginger ginger

auni007: Onions, garlic, hot tea with honey anytime and I used a vibrating massage thing on my cheeks to get my stuffyness to move.

auni007: Oh and tea tree oil drops on a pillow when sleeping

dikushor: A chopped onion, big one, mixed with some other veggies, got me out of my flu.

mis_ryder: acupuncture will heal you within one hour when an illness or virus starts! My kids love it and we don’t get sick anymore. Try it!

mrs_scaramuzza: Hot toddy had the worst flu and had two of those and it’s gone

minnesota_inflorida: Diffuse Thieves essential oil from Young Living in your home. Works to prevent everyone in the house from getting sick

sparrish11: try essential oils! They can enter the cells and help your body heal itself! Oregano, onguard, lemon, melaleuca are called flu bomb

barbaraheady: Oregano oil good plus chopped raw garlic per dr a Weil. It works, before bed.

da221: Oil of oregano and white tea!!

organizingmadefun: @alexishrobbins yes! Flu bomb – OnGuard, melaleuca, and oregano (2/3 drops each) in an empty capsule every two hours. It knocked out my fly last year in half a day! Amazing stuff!
graciescotto: Doterra oils…on guard will zap it!

nettygano: Essential oils are amazing!

alexishrobbins: #onguard #essentialoil kills #flu and #staph on contact

ellierentoul: I do the same. But then some nice lemongrass tea + LOTS of REST!

dianamorenosaenz: Turmeric tea with lemon is the best for that. plus Macha tea.

annaohdahlgreen: Tea + honey + lemon + ginger

pverano: @gwynethpaltrow ginger and lemon tea….

fishing_and_furious: Citronel tea honey and some lemon juice. Natural and good against flu.

gemma_hargreaves: Manuka honey 10+ keeps all my family germ free.

kirbybird: Indian food + mint chip ice cream=the cure

danjunkim: in all seriousness viruses must be urinated out…..try to drink like 3 liters of gatorade (sugar free of course) and try to pee as much as possible…I have had the symptoms disappear in like half a day

scenictea: Elderberry

she4fun: Really shouldn’t be in the sauna sick you sweat out vit and minerals and your body immune system is already low so lots of unpasteurized honey and coconut water for electrolytes

vegansistars: Sauna is my favourite cold remedy, works wonders!

piiapodersalu: Sauna is always a good idea

_aprilrae: Saunas are great for getting rid of illnesses and helping you stay healthy. I know people with cancer treating themselves naturally and they use a sauna every day and research shows it helps! There are so many ways to prevent and heal yourself naturally!

jbs60540: Infrared is the way to go!

haloheldupbyhorns: heat kills germs. When we are sick out body temp goes up (fever) to fight the germs. Ever heard of “sweating out a cold”?

surazeus: Scientific research has shown that flu spreads when the air is cold and dry because the germs linger in the air whereas moisture pulls the germs to the ground and kills them.

imnancyda: Viruses love fluctuating body temps.

bharmelin: U should just sleep for 2 days! Don’t get out of bed. Which I know is beyond difficult.

madelynsclosets: Less stress honey and Wellness Formula

europeanspasource: Have you tried 100% eucalyptus Shower Spa Mist?

chelsea_am_: Have you tried Salt Rooms?

melissaodabash: Try quantum flu and cold remedy it tastes like pure peppermint but it’s miracle cure I swear by it only special organic places carry it

jsdixon: Bone broth and Colloidal Silver

esteestanley: Chicken soup knocks it out always and colloidal silver

sarahstrayer: You need Truth Calkin’s from Erewhon’s juice bar special tonic – Divine Organics Flu Fly and Silver Biotics. Mix together with Cyclone Cider and Kyolic Garlic.

mrsjencon: Try Juice Plus+ #juiceplus juicellus

itsjust_lillian: I’m in the same boat! At this point I’m on an all Redoxon diet!

steamybainmarie: Try vitamin iv therapy

donkeylaughs: Sovereign. Silver.

flaring_flix: Try emtremis serum

nounnie Acupuncture!

danielle_kinsela: The best thing to shorten the flu & stimulate your lymphatics & immue system is cupping!

cinthialomeli: Go to a curandero/a for ancient Mexican folk medicine or Dr Shulze’s store in Marina Del Rey.