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I Don’t Have Time for Downtime

Ask Elise

Diana Ryu, goop’s managing editor, tends to move several paces ahead of the rest of us. (Case in point: In between #goopbookclub picks, she can easily tear through four books a month.) We’ve surrendered essentially every internal system to her unwavering efficiency.

Dear goop, I’m young and full of energy but I’m worried that my body won’t be able to keep up with this pace and I’m setting myself up for issues down the line. I feel like I get sick all the time…and don’t really have the time to get sick all the time. I’m also trying to prioritize food and exercise but don’t always get a chance. Same with that meditation practice. How do you guys recommend finding balance? I don’t even have kids yet, but I’m worried! —Grace

Dear Grace, You have a great name, because aren’t we all trying to find that state of grace in our day-to-day? I’m the managing editor here at goop, and most of the time, I feel on the verge of drowning. I’m kicking and flailing my arms incredibly hard but somehow still gulping mouthfuls of water. Some factors: I work at a start-up. I am designated peacekeeper in my family. I have a gnarly commute. I live in an apartment building that happens to be next door to a fire station (haven’t slept through the night in ages because of the sirens). I also want to show up in the best possible way for my significant other, my friends, my and coworkers. I am trying to juggle relationships, my lack of sleep, and my twelve-hour workdays, and I have SO MANY podcasts to catch up on (except for The goop Podcast, of course—speaking of states of grace, listen to the Oprah episode).

Because I have a lot of energy, I think I can do it all, and I have a difficult time prioritizing myself even though I’m actually someone who cares deeply about my overall well-being. I try to eat healthy, go to yoga when I can, drink all the water I can remember to, and make time to see my therapist for tune-ups.

But when I can’t get everything crossed off my to-do list or when I inhale a ham and cheese croissant—I’m eating one as I write this on the train at 8 p.m. if that tells you anything about how I juggle—my brain goes straight to self-flagellation. Like “UGH, I can’t believe I couldn’t finish my work.” Or “OMIGOD, what’s wrong with me? I haven’t worked out in weeks.”

The hilarious part of this all is that the information on how to be well is extraordinarily accessible, and yet I don’t create the space in my life to actually do it.

Enter our goop Wellness protocol Balls in the Air. It’s the one very, very, very easy thing I do every day that quiets the mean voices in my brain. It’s the ritual that helps me feel like I’m taking care of myself. It’s a packet of six daily vitamins: two powerful multivitamin tablets, a dose of DHA, and three tablets that support your immune and detox system. We developed them with an incredible functional MD whose practice is primarily focused on women with immune concerns, so she created the protocol with younger people like us in mind. I’m conscious about doing what I can to look after myself. I take these vitamins after my first meal of the day, and because it takes five seconds—and forces me to drink more water—I think it helps keeps me sane and my body happy and healthy. My life is crazed, but I still feel good. Maybe I’m not drowning, but learning to swim just fine.

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