How We Stay
Sane at the End
of the Year

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Deadlines, events, parties. Family, coworkers, friends. Cocktails, cookies, dear god, so many cookies. This is the time of year when gingerbread men pass for meals and rushing from party to party counts as cardio. But January will come—and when it does, we’ll be grateful for any sliver of self-care we committed to in December. Which is why we asked four goop staffers what they’re being smart about now to make sure 2019 gets off to a smooth start.

  • Steve Yun goop
  • steve yun

    | business intelligence architect

    “I’m big on intention-setting and meditating. I like to set intentions of positivity, love, and protection by lighting palo santo and preparing a hot bath with the Nurse! bath soak. I love the eucalyptus scent. In the bath, I’ll focus on manifesting those intentions for myself and others to safely and joyfully get through the holiday season.”

  • goop Body NURSE! BATH SOAK goop Body NURSE! BATH SOAK goop, $35
  • Christina Schwarzenegger goop
  • Christina Schwarzenegger

    | assistant editor

    “I have a notorious sweet tooth, and the holidays don’t help. After unsuccessfully searching for something to cut my sugar cravings, I was surprised at how well—and quickly—Sweet Defeat worked. The lozenge is made with plant-based ingredients, like Gymnema sylvestre, an herb that’s traditionally been used to suppress sweetness. If it helped me eat less sugar, I think it could work for nearly anyone with a sugar weakness.”

  • Sweet Defeat Sweet Defeat Sweet Defeat, $36-$84
  • Kelly Martin goop
  • Kelly Martin

    | editorial assistant

    “I’m taking an extra week off for a vacation with my family this year, and I want to savor it. I’d like to wrap everything up before I leave the office behind, but articles don’t write themselves, so my end-of-the-year push just got even pushier. In the pre-vacation rush, I’ve started taking Populum, a full-spectrum hemp oil. It might be the CBD, or it might be the pleasant orange fragrance. All I know is I’m feeling a little more at peace while the midnight oil burns.”

    Populum, $66.50
  • Peter Marcos goop
  • Peter Marcos

    | office manager

    “The holidays have always been my absolute favorite time of year. It’s also when I need to be extra careful to not overindulge. Typically, I work out four or five times a week. I’m a spin addict—I love Cycle House—but I like to mix in weight lifting and HIIT workouts. To keep myself in check, I’ll work out in the morning if I’m going to a party that night. I eat a light and healthy dinner beforehand so that I don’t overeat once I’m there. And if drinks are being served, I generally stay away from anything that’s heavy with sugar. My favorite is a vodka soda with lime and cucumber juice.”