Ali Pew

The Fun Side of Hitting Reset

In partnership with our friends at Comvita, Dry Farm Wines, and The Organic Pharmacy

We approached our second digital In goop Health summit with an overarching theme: hitting reset. Over the course of a month, between invigorating breathwork sessions, aura cleansings, and high-intensity workouts, our editors took to the virtual stage to share how they recommend refreshing the fun stuff—fashion, beauty, and food.

Caitlin O’Malley


Caitlin O’Malley, food director

By the end of Caitlin’s wine-pairing class, we were ready to get in the kitchen for tapas and something to sip. It was also wonderful to spend fifteen minutes relishing her food wisdom—when Caitlin talks, we listen.

  1. “In an effort to wean myself down to one cup of coffee a day, I’ve been experimenting with different herbal and caffeine-free teas. Truthfully, they’ve all been a little meh, but I started adding Comvita Manuka Honey to my afternoon cuppa and boy, what a difference it has made! This stuff is like liquid gold, so I need only a scant teaspoon. It’s floral and a bit earthy. Way more dynamic than the honey I had sitting in my pantry.”

    Comvita UMF 15+ Manuka Honey
    Comvita UMF 15+ Manuka Honey goop, $57
  2. “I used to eschew anything related to wine pairings because it always felt sort of stuffy and like a barrier to entry for nonexperts. The folks at Dry Farm Wines do not have that attitude at all—in addition to curating selections of natural wines that are lab-tested to ensure lower levels of alcohol, sugar, and sulfites, they have such a cool, laid-back approach when it comes to wine pairing. It’s less about rules—go ahead and have a steak with your Chardonnay!—and more about understanding flavors and how to complement and balance them. Their tip is to pick out the most prominent flavor in a wine and pair it with something that matches or juxtaposes it. Drinking a fruity rosé? Double down on the fruit with tangy cheese and your favorite fruit preserve on crusty baguette. Or go the opposite direction with an earthy bowl of soba noodles with smoked duck, sesame oil, and tamari. I don’t feel limited by ‘wine rules’ anymore, and I get to think creatively, like I’m solving fun food puzzles.”

    Dry Farm Wines Natural Wine Membership
    Dry Farm Wines Natural Wine Membership Dry Farm Wines, from $88 a month
  3. “I have acquired such a hodgepodge of nonstick cookware over the years, and I’m thrilled to upgrade to this Caraway set. It’s nonstick ceramic—which I prefer to Teflon because I don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals leaching into my food—and this set has the four essential pieces I need and will actually use. It also comes with magnetic pan racks and a canvas lid organizer, which is crucial if you’ve got a smaller kitchen space, as I do.”

    Caraway Ceramic Cookware Set
    Caraway Ceramic Cookware Set goop, $395
  4. “I could always stand to be a bit tidier, especially when working remotely—I tend to have work stuff strewn about the house throughout the week. Storage bins are so useful but rarely aesthetically pleasing. The bins from Open Spaces are different: They have a sleek, minimal design, and I love how warm the natural wood lids look.”

    Open Spaces Medium Storage Bins
    Open Spaces Medium Storage Bins goop, $58
Simone Kitchens


Simone Kitchens,
Senior features editor

Simone’s workshop walked us through skin-care treatments that are effective, relaxing, and a good time, too. This team of products is her top combination for hydration and glow.

  1. “This is my first skin-care step: I pat it onto bare skin, and it immediately helps brighten. I love the instant effects—you really do glow—but what I’ve also noticed is the firming and evenness in tone I’ve gotten with consistent use.”

    goop Beauty  GOOPGLOW 20 % Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid Glow Serum
    goop Beauty GOOPGLOW 20 % Vitamin C +
    Hyaluronic Acid Glow Serum
    $125/$112 with subscription
  2. “This is my secret for an extra boost of hydration. I layer it on after the vitamin C serum. It’s perfect for my skin, which is on the drier side but loves lightweight breathable moisture.”

    The Organic Pharmacy  Hyaluronic Acid Serum
    The Organic Pharmacy Hyaluronic Acid Serum goop, $55
  3. “Once all my skin care is on, I like to go in with this amazing vibrating bar and just massage everything in. It helps push the products deeper into my skin, and it feels so relaxing. The temporary lifted, plumped-up effect is a nice bonus.”

    Jillian Dempsey  Gold Sculpting Bar
    Jillian Dempsey Gold Sculpting Bar goop, $195
  4. “I try to use this two or three times a week; my skin just looks so much more radiant and plumped-up when I do. The ZIIP targets all kinds of issues like dullness and breakouts, and it aims to stimulate collagen and elastin. Hands down, it feels like the most effective thing I can do for my skin outside of seeing a professional.”

    ZIIP ZIIP OX + Crystal Gel Kit
    ZIIP ZIIP OX + Crystal Gel Kit goop, $480
Ali Pew


Ali Pew, Fashion director

In her wardrobe-reset workshop, Ali dialed in on chic and easy updates that you’ll wear over and over. She showed us how to restyle closet classics you already have—and how to pick key investment pieces if you’re in the market for something new. Here’s what she has her eye on going into spring.

  1. “I love this cardigan. It has the clean, minimal silhouette that I’m always after, and the belted waist feels updated and modern. It’s great for those days when temperatures swing. The soft Italian-made cashmere feels great against your skin, so you can comfortably wear it all on its own. Pair it with anything in your closet: jeans, shorts, wide-leg trousers—you name it.”

    G. Label Bennett Belted Crewneck Cardigan
    G. Label Bennett Belted Crewneck
    goop, $595
  2. “As I start to venture out more, I find myself reaching for this shirtdress again and again. Its fluid shape falls somewhere between pretty and utilitarian, comfortable and chic, effortless and buttoned-up. Pair it with understated sandals or sneakers.”

    G. Label  Raffa Midlength Shirtdress
    G. Label Raffa Midlength Shirtdress goop, $595
  3. “I’ve always been a big proponent of bags that fit your lifestyle—and this one, with its classic shape, butter-soft leather, and adjustable top handle, is as pretty as it is really, really practical. But my favorite part is definitely the size: You can stow away your laptop for work, meetings, and—one day—travel.”

    Wandler Ava Big Tote
    Wandler Ava Big Tote goop, $1,114
  4. “I’m always thinking about that one accessory that will immediately up your outfit game, and that’s this necklace. The contrasting delicate and chunky links are a perfect balance. It looks right at home with a pretty dress at a backyard dinner—or peeking out from under your collar during workday Zooms.”

    goop x Mejuri Multi Curb Chain
    goop x Mejuri Multi Curb Chain goop, $360