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6 New Wellness Products Our Editors Use
(Almost) Every Day

Our wellness editors spend their days discovering and testing new products—the best of them make it into the goop shop. Here’s what piqued their interest this summer for relaxation, mood, focus, sex, and a healthy immune system. (You can find their picks for feminine care products in the wellness shop, too.)

Jessie Geoffray

Jessie Geoffray

senior editor

  1. 1

    “Most people I know have had the misfortune of hearing about my ongoing project to raise my vitamin D levels. It’s not very interesting, but you can’t argue it’s unimportant: Vitamin D promotes healthy immune function, supports calcium and phosphorus absorption, and helps maintain healthy bones and teeth. So I was thrilled—genuinely thrilled, ask anyone—to discover this high-potency spray supplement, which provides nearly four times the Daily Value of vitamin D and gets me out of having to swallow capsules, which I do not enjoy. All you do is spray it into your mouth three times. I do it at lunch, because studies show that people tend to absorb vitamin D 50 percent better with the largest meal of the day.”

    The Nue Co.  Vitamin D Spray
    The Nue Co. Vitamin D Spray goop, $25
  2. 2

    “This is a weighted blanket for just your shoulders—and if you spend a good part of your day at a computer, like me, it’s your best friend at 3 o’clock when your neck starts to feel tense and heavy. It’s filled with clay beads that hold on to heat. When you want to take a break, you can pop the whole thing in the microwave for a minute and drape it over your shoulders. The heat lasts for a good twenty to thirty minutes. I’ve heard it’s great straight out of the freezer, too.”

    Ostrichpillow  Heated Neck Wrap
    Ostrichpillow Heated Neck Wrap goop, $45
  1. Jessie’s picks for deep relaxation

  2. Chill out with infrared heat, crystals, and pulsed
    electromagnetic fields.

    HigherDOSE Infrared Mat
    HigherDOSE Infrared Mat goop, $995
  3. An invitation to slow down in rollerball form.

    Thought Sanctuary Slow Vibes Essential Oil
    Thought Sanctuary Slow Vibes
    Essential Oil
    goop, $35
Kelly Martin, associate editor

Kelly Martin

associate editor

  1. 3

    “Midpandemic, when outright panic switched into monotony, I got really into the way essential oils could make my same old four walls feel new and different. I had certain blends I’d drop into my diffuser first thing in the morning while my boyfriend got ready to commute into the living room for work. Others were for low-key activities, like settling down with a book and making it all of ten pages before deciding Love Island was more the vibe for the night. I’ve kept the aromatherapy habit going. Lately I’ve been all about the vitruvi Uplift Kit, which comes with four joyful, lush, zesty essential oil blends that smell like a good summer ahead.”

    vitruvi Uplift Kit
    vitruvi Uplift Kit goop, $48
  2. 4

    “Initially I had a hard time understanding how Lora DiCarlo sex toys worked. A lot of them don’t vibrate, which seemed like a strange choice for a vibrator company. But it’s smart: DiCarlo sought to develop products that approximate human touch, and human hands and tongues and such—you might have noticed—do not vibrate. Which means the team had to think beyond the concept of the vibrator. Instead they developed more-sophisticated robotics that move the way an intimate partner would. Take a look at Carezza, which mimics a tapping finger by flicking a motorized tip in and out under its soft silicone surface. It has just one simple control to adjust speed, so it’s super easy to operate. It’s cute, too—like a little grey egg.”

    Lora DiCarlo Carezza
    Lora DiCarlo Carezza goop, $140
  1. Kelly’s picks from Lora DiCarlo

  2. Onda makes a come-hither motion like a finger
    against the vaginal wall.

    Lora DiCarlo Onda
    Lora DiCarlo Onda goop, $180
  3. This is the clitoral stimulator for you if you’re into
    swirling sensations.

    Lora DiCarlo Filare
    Lora DiCarlo Filare goop, $150
Denise John, PhD senior science editor

Denise John, PhD

senior science editor

  1. 5

    “When I’m focused, I get more done in less time. Which usually means I feel less burned out at the end of the day and have more energy and attention for my bubbly five-year-old daughter. Of course, I can always use more calmness in my life, too. That’s why I’m excited about FocusCalm: Through programmed brain games and meditations, it helps me identify when I’m most focused and most relaxed so that I can tap into those states more often. Which helps me savor time with my child. You don’t get that back.”

    BrainCo FocusCalm
    BrainCo FocusCalm goop, $199
  2. 6

    “A healthy immune system is key to overall health. These tasty gummies deliver the immune support I’m looking for, and they brighten up my supplement stash, too. They contain three key ingredients—elderberry, zinc, and vitamin C—and offer antioxidant support. I love that they’re a way to get immune-supporting nutrients beyond the quintessential softgel.”

    Hilma Elderberry Immunity Gummies
    Hilma Elderberry
    Immunity Gummies
    goop, $25
  1. Denise’s picks for maintaining a healthy immune system

  2. A high-potency vitamin C supplement in an
    easy gel.

    LivOn Labs Liposomal Vitamin C
    LivOn Labs Liposomal
    Vitamin C
    goop, $47
  3. Soothe occasional throat annoyances with a few

    Beekeeper’s Naturals Propolis Spray
    Beekeeper’s Naturals Propolis Spray goop, $14