Godfrey’s Guide: The Secret Glamour of Seaweed

The Secret Glamour of Seaweed

Godfrey’s Guide: The Secret Glamour of Seaweed

Jean Godfrey-June is our beauty editor, but her enthusiasms are many. This is a new column she’s trying out…

Thin strands of dried arame seaweed make any salad more glamorous, healthy, and—even a salad you bring somewhere else (picnic, party, potluck, etc.), or one that simply ends up waiting for longer than you were expecting to be eaten—crunchy.

I initially tried them on salads for myself because every other nutrition/healthy expert we interview on goop says we need more seaweed. They are so delicious I started spiking salads for actual other people with them, to overwhelming response: Throw them in with, say, arugula-cucumber-avocado, or carrot-beet-pumpkinseed, or, truly, anything, and the people will just go crazy. Seaweed is somehow still exotic, inventive, creative—and there’s no denying its good-for-you-ness. And unlike a crouton or a fried onion, the arame never goes soggy.