7 New Wellness Products, Reviewed by Editors and Buyers

Written by: the Editors of goop


Published on: December 20, 2022

Photo courtesy of Beth Studenberg/The Licensing Project

One of the more fun parts about being a wellness editor is discovering and testing new products—the best of them make it into the goop shop. But the real pros are our beauty and wellness buyers, who have the highest standards of just about anyone we know. Around July, they start researching and testing the gems that eventually make it into our wellness gift guide. Before (finally) shopping for our own friends and family, we asked our buyers which tools they’re still using themselves and why. Here, their answers, along with a few of our personal top picks.

  • 1

    Sexual Wellness Ear Seed Kit

    WTHN, $45

    “I use these ear seed kits between acupuncture sessions: They gently stimulate acupressure points. Most recently, I had them on while Christmas shopping at a jewelry store and was complimented for my strong ‘ear game.’ The smoky quartz and yellow crystals just add another touch of glam and glitz, in addition to the benefits. It’s like ear jewelry with an extra zhuzh.” —Shih-Yiu Liu, associate buyer

  • 2

    Cloud Humidifier

    vitruvi, $229

    “My skin tends to crack in the winter, so I’ve been thinking about a humidifier for a while. But most humidifiers are dorky-looking, and I didn’t want something huge and ugly on my nightstand. When the goop buyers picked up vitruvi’s humidifier for our annual gift guides, I thought that might be the one for me: I love its wavy, minimal look. And I trust vitruvi to make good stuff. Happy to report this humidifier delivered on both form and function. It’s pretty, yeah, but it’s also easy to fill, empty, and clean. The spout swivels so the (super fine) mist arcs toward your bed. And when you press the little moon on its side, it goes fully lights-off—good for sensitive sleepers like me.” —Kelly Martin, editor

  • 3

    Pilates Reformer

    FRAME Fitness, $4,249

    “I’ve been really into low-intensity movement recently, and FRAME is perfect for that. The Reformer has a built-in screen that streams classes, which means I can get in a Reformer workout from home. And as a bonus, it’s foldable with wheels, so I can easily put it away when I’m done. But honestly, it’s so sleek, I don’t mind leaving it out.” —Madeline Crum, assistant buyer

  • 4

    V4 Sauna Blanket Bundle

    HigherDOSE, $655

    “I’ve been a fan of the HigherDOSE sauna blanket for a while—before I got my first one, I regularly booked infrared sauna sessions at a Pause Studio near me. It’s remarkable how similar the sauna blanket’s effects are to sitting in an actual sauna: You sweat just as much, and you have that same (elite!) Gumby/relaxed feeling afterward. This bundle addresses two things you need most after any infrared session: electrolytes to hydrate and a solution for easy cleanup.” —Jessie Geoffray, wellness director, content

  • 5

    Smart Electric Toothbrush

    Quip, $45

    “Quip makes brushing your teeth so easy with the timed vibrators and the ability to track your brushing history and efficiency through the app. My teeth feel transformed.” —Aubrey Hinkson, merchandising assistant

  • 6

    Ultra-Cleansing Cocofloss Holiday Set

    Cocofloss, $38

    “I look forward to flossing with Cocofloss—anyone who has ever tried it will tell you that. And this set has delicious holiday flavors and adorable packaging: It’s a perfect stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift.” —Kelly Faulds, director of buying for beauty and wellness

  • 7

    A Map to Your Soul by Jennifer Freed, PhD

    Bookshop, $24.18

    “One of my favorite parts of reading A Map to Your Soul was filling out the quizzes and self-assessments throughout the book. They help you see how the four elements—air, earth, water, and fire—show up in your astrological chart and in your life. And then Jennifer Freed, psychological astrologer extraordinaire, teaches you how to draw more from certain elements, when and where you need them.” —Kiki Koroshetz, VP of content


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