Compression Shirts for Chemo

Thank you so much for all your wonderful e-mails in response to last week’s issue about cancer—and most notably, thank you for all your insight, ideas, and advice. T.W., a breast cancer survivor, sent a note about what helped her get through radiation: She wore a sweat-wicking compression shirt to prevent any friction or chafing from skin touching skin. As she explains, “Women often hurt themselves just wearing a bra over the radiated area, but I was able to run throughout heavy radiation with no injuries at all. The key is to moisturize as often as possible and wear the compression shirt under everything else (including the bra). I have no idea why this isn’t more commonly known!”

Her other tip: “I had real issues with nausea during chemo, and none of the medications they tried worked for me. Acupuncture solved it right away, not to mention helping with so many other problems during that period (especially exhaustion).”

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