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Shopping with a Scientist

Bite-Size Support for Sleep, Focus, and Immunity

gerda endemann

Gerda Endemann, our senior director of science and research, has a BS in nutrition from UC Berkeley, a PhD in nutritional biochemistry from MIT, and a passion for cherry-picking from our wellness shop.

I’ve written about and helped formulate many wellness products, and some of my very favorites are goop’s soft chews. (Before they were available for sale, I got to know the right people in the office to sample the test lots—as often as possible.)

I’m not the only one who appreciates these products: Knock Me Out, our mint-chocolate chew for occasional sleeplessness, is so popular that we couldn’t keep it in stock last year. My apologies to those of you who, like me, missed it. Knock Me Out is a brilliantly crafted product and my favorite sleep assist. It’s a dependable, good-tasting treat to look forward to before bed.*

The main ingredient in Knock Me Out is melatonin, which can be pleasantly powerful, so you may wish to experiment with the number of chews you take. I take one half to one, but you can take up to two. Your brain knows what to do with melatonin: It’s what the brain makes after dark to help regulate sleep-wake cycles. But lights and computer screens can keep your brain from knowing that it’s dark out.

Our super smart formulators also included tryptophan, the amino acid that melatonin is made from. And a good dose of vitamin B6, which is needed to catalyze the conversion of tryptophan to melatonin. As a bonus, tryptophan and B6 also support the brain’s production of serotonin.

If you’ve followed my stories, you’ll also know how much I love Nerd Alert. I lost track (a long time ago) of how many times Nerd Alert has rescued me when I can’t concentrate on work. Loading up on coffee doesn’t do it for me: My heart rate and anxiety levels can’t handle more than a splash of caffeinated coffee in my morning decaf. So it was a major advance to figure out that a Nerd Alert after lunch helps me focus. I guess that shouldn’t have been surprising, because the doses of caffeine and L-theanine are tailored for optimal focus and attention based on clinical research. And Nerd Alert tastes like café au lait.*

Rounding out the chews offerings is blackberry-flavored Perfect Attendance. As the name implies, we made this for those who don’t want to miss a day. With organic elderberry extract and Epicor fermented yeast, Perfect Attendance is designed to support healthy immunity. Pop two of these delicious morsels any time of day, every day.*

  1. goop Wellness KNOCK ME OUT goop, $30 for 30 chews/$55 for 60 chews
    goop Wellness KNOCK ME OUT goop, $30 for 30 chews/$55 for 60 chews
  2. goop Wellness NERD ALERT goop, $30 for 30 chews/$55 for 60 chews
    goop Wellness NERD ALERT goop, $30 for 30 chews/$55 for 60 chews
  3. goop Wellness PERFECT ATTENDANCE goop, $30
    goop Wellness PERFECT ATTENDANCE goop, $30 for 30 chews/$55 for 60 chews

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