I Never Knew I Needed:
9 Wellness Discoveries

Maybe it’s the ankle weights you bought on a whim, or the super luxe vibrator gifted to you by a friend, or the Harry Styles–narrated sleep meditation you heard about on Instagram: Everyone has that something they didn’t know they needed. We asked around to find out what wellness products and routines goop staffers can’t live without (and discovered some new picks to add to cart).

  1. BOKA Asana Tongue Cleaner


    “It all started with Cocofloss: It took me all of three business days of working at goop to realize I was surrounded by coconut-oil-coated-floss evangelists. To me, it was worth the $9 to find out if there was merit to their obsession, or if I had instead unknowingly joined some sort of oral care cult. Both turned out to be (somewhat) true. Cocofloss is indeed a superior floss. And now, after almost four years, I have amassed a full armamentarium of clean products for my mouth. Shout-out to the OLAS Mouth Rinse and Davids toothpaste. But my favorite has to be the tongue cleaner we sell, which is the most satisfying tool of the bunch.” —Jessie Geoffray, senior editor

    BOKA Asana Tongue Cleaner, goop, $9
  2. Manduka  GRP Yoga Mat


    “I spent a long time slipping and sliding around on yoga mats. In downward-facing dog, my hands would always slide forward, and I’d focus my attention trying to keep them in place. I thought that was totally normal. Until I tried a Manduka GRP mat. I was floored: It was sticky and cushiony and supportive. For the first time, I understood that you can relax and feel into your body during yoga instead of spending an hour feeling frustrated about not being able to hold an asana. I know I’m not alone—a few months later, my sister let me borrow her yoga mat while I was visiting her, and she warned me it was ‘kind of’ slippery. Kind of? It was as if I was trying to do yoga on a water slide. I ordered GRP mat for her on the spot. Now she’s a convert, too.” —Leah Bedrosian, research scientist

    Manduka GRP Yoga Mat, goop, $128
  3. Felix Gray Jemison Blue Light Glasses


    “Years and years ago, I resigned myself to the fact I have bad eyes. I don’t see very well even with contact lenses, my eyes are always dry, and I usually start feeling a good deal of strain after a few hours in front of screens. Then, last year, I was gifted a pair of blue-light-filtering glasses, which along with regular screen breaks have been proposed to have potential benefits for eye strain. The first time I used them, it felt a little silly to be wearing glasses while I was wearing contacts. But a couple hours in, I realized how magic they were: I truly did not know having eyes could feel this way. Now I put them on every day around noon—getting blue light in the morning is actually good for the wake part of your sleep-wake cycle, so I try to preserve that exposure—and wear them for the rest of the workday. My eyes feel good. I know I’m supporting healthy circadian rhythms, too. And while my nearsightedness certainly persists, I don’t feel like I have ‘bad eyes’ anymore, just eyes that need a little extra TLC.” —Kelly Martin, assistant editor

    Felix Gray Jemison Blue Light Glasses, goop, $95
  4. goop Wellness Madame Ovary


    “I could not be more grateful for these genius daily packets of exactly what I need, right now, to keep my body running in optimum shape. The world used to have nothing for women in their forties and beyond, as if the second half of our lives were going to be much less interesting—but here at goop, we know that isn’t true. By the way, the ‘beyond’ is way better than even I expected.” —Jean Godfrey-June, executive beauty director

    goop Wellness Madame Ovary, goop, $90/$75 with subscription
  5. L-Nutra The ProLon Diet


    “I’ve done detox protocols in the past, and I like the challenge of following rules. (Type A personality.) And when I read that ProLon was only five days, I thought, I could totally do this. I loved that each day was separated out by box, so I could just put it in my bag without worrying about forgetting anything. I felt fuller than I thought I would. I actually found the soups and snacks pretty tasty. Following the hump of day three—definitely the most challenging day of ProLon; I canceled plans with friends to go home and take a nap—I felt energized and had mental clarity. By the end, I felt like I had reset my body. I know it’s something I’ll be doing once every year, if not more.” —Lydia Kim, senior product manager

    L-Nutra The ProLon Diet, goop, $249

    “I firmly believe that scent can transform my mood: It’s why I keep a candle rotation of smells I find energizing, uplifting, and dreamy. But lighting a candle in the summer just feels like it adds to what can be already uncomfortable heat, so I went in on an essential oil diffuser. I’m currently obsessing over vitruvi’s stone diffuser—the white one, because it looks so chic on my nightstand. It uses vibration instead of heat, so the mist is super fine, cool, and refreshing. I love waking up in the morning with a refreshing citrus scent, like bergamot, and relaxing into my z’s at night with a lavender-and-neroli blend.” —Ashley Mayo, senior accountant

    vitruvi Stone Diffuser, goop, $119;
    vitruvi Bergamot Essential Oil, goop, $15
  7. Kin Euphorics High Rhode


    “For those who are sober-curious: A coworker recently put me onto Kin Euphorics, a brand of nonalcoholic spirits that mimic some of the positive effects of having a drink. The High Rhode blend is made for social hour—it has adaptogenic rhodiola and the nootropics GABA, 5-HTP, tyrosine, and caffeine, which add up to that pleasant chatty feeling I love. And it makes a great mocktail. I really enjoy the subtle earthy flavor, so I keep my drink simple. I mix High Rhode with sparkling water, a big syruped ice ball, and a sprig of rosemary. I’ve been sober a couple months now, and I can see High Rhode staying in rotation postpandemic when I want to enjoy a drink in the company of friends and also wake up rested the next day for my early morning yoga practice.” —Dwi Choong, business intelligence analyst

    Kin Euphorics High Rhode, goop, $39
  8. Hegu Acupressure Rings


    “Even after we moved into a new building with legit conference rooms and phone booths, I still found myself borrowing our boss Elise’s office for calls and ‘stuff.’ She used to travel fairly often to interview people for The goop Podcast and had a lot of meetings around our floor and outside of goop. If she came back and I was sitting in her chair, she would act like it was the most normal thing in the world. I miss that. While working from home, I also realized how much I missed the acupressure rings that Elise kept on her desk. I used to borrow those, too—you slip them on between your thumb and index finger to stimulate the pressure point there. Some people use this set when they have a minor, occasional headache. I find the rings soothing, generally. And I think I’m a more pleasant person to be on a call with when I’ve got them on.” —Kiki Koroshetz, wellness director

    Hegu Acupressure Rings, goop, $55
  9. Ulla Hydration Reminder


    “I used to be pretty good about drinking water throughout the day, but working from home has changed my daily routine—and along with a few other habits, hydration’s gone out of the window. It’s easy to get sucked into work for a few hours without a break. That’s why this little hydration reminder works for me. I stick it onto my water bottle, and it blinks to remind me to take a drink at least every hour. I also see it as a helpful heads-up to take care of myself in other ways: I get up and take a big stretch while I sip.” —Candy Wong, retention marketing manager

    Ulla Hydration Reminder, goop, $30