(Almost) Better than Dental Insurance:
Mi Paste

If you (or your kids) have sensitive teeth, a new, milk-derived remineralizing paste can lessen pain and sensitivity from everything from routine dental checkups to whitening procedures. At the same time, it may be helping strengthen teeth, too. “It’s useful tooth sensitivity,” says Dr. Joseph Hung of RockCenter Orthodontics in New York. “The ingredient it’s made with, Recaldent, has soluble calcium and phosphate to enhance remineralization for teeth that are forming a new cavity.” Called Mi Paste, it’s applied (in small amounts) directly to your teeth after brushing—or a dentist can create custom-fit dental trays (like bleaching trays) for you to use. “I like the technology because it’s derived from casein, which is part of milk protein—not a chemical made in a lab—something that’s found in nature,” says Hung. “The calcium and phosphates also work well in conjunction with fluoride— which strengthens enamel and protects it from the acid present when plaque forms on teeth.” Calcium and phosphates are needed for fluoride to work, so they bolster fluoride’s effectiveness—whether in toothpaste, water, or a fluoride treatment; given that fluoride’s effects on the rest of the body are controversial, Mi Paste can optimize the fluoride you’re using, so in theory you’d need less to prevent cavities and strengthen enamel. (The company also makes a combination Recaldent/fluoride paste, not for kids under six.)

For those of us with any kind of tooth sensitivity, it’s a great natural (but powerful) option; and for kids with cavities or braces, it’s great, too. (Hung has very few braces patients, however, because he’s one of the nation’s top experts on Invisalign, which involves much less pain than braces!)