A Dog Wellness Brand’s Innovative Approach to Supplements—and Treats

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Written by: Denise John, PhD


Published on: June 27, 2024


Omega-3s, the healthy fats that are beneficial for our overall health, are also great for dogs. They are anti-inflammatory fatty acids: They activate parts of the immune system that help to reduce inflammation. Research shows that omega-3s can improve a dog’s brain development, cognition, gut health, kidney function, and heart and joint health. And some studies suggest that omega-3s (together with amino acids and prebiotics) can help shorten a dog’s recovery time after surgery.

“Omega-3s can also help improve coat quality in conditions that may cause diminished coat or skin health, such as allergies, hypothyroidism, or other metabolic disorders,” says Stephanie Liff, DVM, the medical director at Pure Paws Veterinary Care.

Research shows that it’s important that omega-3s are paired with omega-6s—a fatty acid that, when in balance with omega-3s, works to heal and repair cells throughout the body. Liff says to look for supplement formulas that have a ratio of five omega-6s (or fewer) to every one omega-3. Too many omega-6s, when not balanced with omega-3s, can lead to chronic inflammation.

We like the omega oil supplement from WagWell—a dog wellness brand that works with food scientists, board-certified veterinary nutritionists, and top pet product formulators to create some of the best treats and supplements to support a dog’s overall health. (You can find some of its products at select goop stores.) WagWell’s omega supplement uses Ahiflower oil instead of fish: It’s a trademarked vegan oil that comes from the Buglossoides arvensis plant, which is naturally rich in omega-3s. The oil is designed to meet a four-to-one ratio, which means it has four omega-6s to every one omega-3—a healthy balance. It has a variety of omega-3s—including SDA (stearidonic acid), ALA, and GLA—which increases the bioavailability of these healthy fats. (And, of course, it saves many fish from an untimely demise.)

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Liff blends the oil directly into her dog’s food—WagWell recommends one pump per day for dogs under 60 pounds and two pumps for dogs over 60 pounds—and finds an empty bowl shortly after, a sign of her dog’s approval.


When it comes to treats, Liff says that lean meats and fish and many fruits and veggies work well—just steer clear of garlic, onions, raisins, grapes, avocado, and nuts. She says most pets can tolerate peanuts, but they usually don’t need the added fat.

Liff gives her dog WagWell’s cheese and beef treats, too—they’re freeze-dried to preserve nutrients and flavor and don’t contain fillers, corn, wheat, or soy. (You can use them as a food topper or as a high-protein snack.) Her dog also likes having Omega Chews and Mobility Chews added to her food. “They entice her to eat, whereas otherwise she would wait all day.”

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Liff recommends that you consult your vet prior to supplementing or adding treats to your dog’s diet.



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