Are Cell Phones and WiFi Signals Toxic?

It’s almost impossible to remember a time without smartphones, which makes it equally easy to forget that the technology is still relatively new, with safety requirements that, for the most part, are generally untested. The scientific community’s rumblings about brain cancer and the new-to-us affliction “electro-sensitivity” are worth exploring, at the very least, so we tapped three experts in the field—Dr. David Carpenter, Ann Louise Gittleman, and Devra Davis—to help us understand the complicated and messy world of cell phone and WiFi safety.

  • Dr. David Carpenter

    Dr. David Carpenter is the director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the University of Albany, and the author of the Bioinitiative Report, one of the very few publications to evaluate the safety concerns associated with cell phones. He received his degree at Harvard Medical School and has decades of experience studying public health and environmental contaminants, with more than 360 peer-reviewed articles bearing his name. Read more

  • Ann Louise Gittleman

    Ann Louise Gittleman is a nutritionist and long-time advocate for integrated medicine—her book Zapped is the most comprehensive guide to electromagnetic radiation we’ve come across. Read more

  • Devra Davis

    Devra Davis is an award-winning epidemiologist and founder of Environmental Health Trust, a non-profit organization working to protect kindergarten and middle school children from health risks of cellphones and WiFi. She’s also the author of the book Disconnect, and more than 200 studies on the subject. Read more

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