AntiGravity classes.

We spent an afternoon in Richard Holroyd’s intimate studio that houses four AntiGravity Hammocks—basically a hammock made of silk that you can lie, hang, stretch in, and more.

At first, we just got used to being in the swing—part of what makes it so special is the sense of suspension.

Then Richard showed us several moves with the hammock. In comparison to other yoga classes, the moves felt constructive without feeling like a chore.

This “pose” came at the end of the session, and consisted of lying in the hammock with eyes closed—so relaxing.
For Richard (and what we experienced) Aerial Yoga is all about:

  • Deep relaxation, giving your nervous and cardiovascular system a rest.

  • Deep stretches with minimal effort.

  • Core muscles get a gentle workout as you move in and out of the poses while suspended.

  • A sense of connection between your mind and body.

  • Playfulness and creativity.

  • Experiencing a natural way of moving—As Richard says, “It’s 360° rather than the backwards and forwards and side to side you might experience daily at a desk.”


At Home

Richard also does one-on-one sessions in a location of your choosing. He brings this crazy looking tent…