Tracy Anderson’s At-Home Total-Body Workout


We stopped by Tracy Anderson‘s 59th Street studio (her newest) and had her take us through a full-body workout in just five moves. Each exercise, as TA and team explain, involves weight-shifting movements that put your core to work, engaging your entire body, as you transfer your weight from one body part to the next. (For example, variations on leg extensions that lift and tone the glutes, while you’re simultaneously building up arm strength from holding up your own body weight, plank-style.)

TA herself takes you through the exercises in an easy-to-follow, 3-minute video clip, which includes an arm warm-up. For a 30-minute, all-encompassing workout, run through the routine, from start to finish, twice. The five main moves are also outlined in the text below.

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Music: “Dumb Love” by Neil Frances

The 5 Moves: Step-by-Step

The first time through the routine, focus on the same side. (The idea is to tire that part of your body out.) The second time through, you’ll work the other side, alternating legs/arms where applicable. Step-by-step pointers, courtesy of Tracy Anderson Method:

Move #1: Wide Straddle to Plank

20 reps (same side)

Sit with your legs wide. Bend your left leg in, as you swing your right leg around to go into plank position, with your hands on the floor in front of you. Extend your left leg off the floor, diagonally behind you, to your back-left.

Bend your left leg, and return back to the seated position.

Move #2: Balancing Leg Extension

20 sets (alternating legs)

Face the left side, in crouch position, with your right leg extended straight to the left side. Left arm is by your left thigh, your right hand is on the floor, at your side, holding your body up. Push off the ground to face forward. Repeat for the opposite side, facing toward your right now.

Move #3: Lunge to Bridge

25 reps (same side)

Face forward in a lunge position with your right leg bent in front, and left leg straight behind. Your right hand is on your right thigh; left hand is on the floor. Pull your left leg through to go into a bridge, extending your right arm straight up to the ceiling.

Reverse your left leg to return to the original lunge position.

Move #4: Leg Extension to Knee-Lift in Bridge

25 reps (same side)

Kneel down on all fours. Extend your left leg behind you, then return it back to kneeling position. Lift your right knee and right arm off the ground, turning your body to the right side. Extend your right arm straight up to the ceiling. Lift your left knee to meet right knee. Return your left leg, then right leg to original kneeling position.

Move #5: Sit to Split-Hover

20 reps (same leg)

Face forward, sitting with your legs straight out in front of you. Right leg is crossed over left leg at your ankles. Swing your right leg around, and behind you, to lift up to a split-hover, with both hands supporting at either side. Return to seated position, swinging your right leg around, and crossing it back over your left.

Get TA’s Look

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