5 Moves
for a
Resistance-Based Workout at Home

In partnership with our friends at P.volve

The beauty of a resistance-based workout is that you don’t need anything—you can find resistance simply by moving your body against gravity.

Adding more resistance to that equation makes for a more challenging workout. And according to our friends at P.volve, it can help target smaller muscles that are typically hard to engage. The trainers at P.volve are experts in those smaller muscles. We learned this firsthand when we tried their method with founder Stephen Pasterino.

  1. Since then, P.volve has created some new tools, including the p.3 trainer, which is a kit that comes with two resistance bands of different lengths. The bands hook to your ankle with a strap, which you connect to either a handle or a one-and-a-half-pound weighted ball, depending on the type of movement. It’s a combination that can work the entire body, strengthening muscles and sculpting along the way.

    We asked P.volve trainer Evan Breed to give us the top five moves you can do at home—or wherever—for an effective, resistance-based workout. (For help visualizing how you move with the p.3, see their video tutorial, or the moves below.)

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5 Resistance-Based Moves from
P.volve’s Trainers

5 Resistance-Based Moves

from P.volve’s Trainers

  1. 01


    Targeted areas: shoulders, upper back, upper arms, and glutes

  3. Start in a p.sit: With your feet shoulder-width apart, lift the arm holding the bar to shoulder height with your elbow bent, drop down toward a seated position just far enough to feel your glutes engage, and pull in your lower stomach. Step the leg attached to the resistance band back to 6 o’clock, keeping the knee bent, then move the arm holding the bar toward the ceiling in a punching motion. Breathe and engage the arm and back with each punch. Return your arm to shoulder height and your leg to the starting position.

    Repeat eight times on each side.

    TIP: Try to reach past the resistance band and lengthen the leg in the opposite direction to avoid pressure in the shoulder joint.

  4. Punch It Up

  1. 02

  2. Press and Rotate

    Targeted areas: shoulders,
    triceps, and glutes

  3. Start with one leg in a resistance band back at 6 o’clock, with your arms bent above your head holding the handle. Lift your back foot and rotate your hips forty-five degrees, planting your foot firmly behind you while bringing your arms down and back up to work the triceps. Return to the starting position.

    Repeat eight times on each side.

    TIP: Keep your elbows tight to frame your face and fully straighten your elbows to engage all the muscles in the arms. Remember to squeeze the glutes every time the ball of the foot catches the floor.

  4. Press and Rotate

  1. 03

  2. Diagonal Pull

    Targeted areas: abs

  3. Start by holding the handle in the hand opposite the ankle attached to the resistance band, palm facing forward. Keep your arm straight on a diagonal. Slowly bring the attached leg up to hip height at a ninety-degree angle as the opposite arm pulls toward the knee before tapping the toe back down. Return your arm to the starting position. Keep resistance on the band the whole time and your other arm on your hip for support.

    Repeat eight times on each side.

    TIP: Maintain the resistance in the band.

  4. Press and Rotate

  1. 04

  2. Knee Driver

    Targeted areas: glutes

  3. Start on all fours with the attached ball in one hand, palm facing down, and the other arm directly under the opposite shoulder. Ensure that the ankle strap and clip are facing outward. Pull in the attached knee on an internal angle to hip height before extending back to the starting position. (You can do this simply with the weight of your own body, too.)

    Repeat eight times on each side.

    TIP: Avoid breaking in the wrist with the hand on the p.3 ball. Control the band—don’t let the band control you.

  4. Knee Driver

  1. 05

  2. Side-Lying Extend

    Targeted areas:
    inner thighs and obliques

  3. Start lying on one side with the band attached to the ankle that’s facing up. Holding the weighted ball in your hand, slowly elongate the entire side of the body, lifting the attached leg and arm together. Return to the starting position.

    Repeat eight times on each side.

    TIP: Maintain the resistance in the band; avoid breaking in the wrist and control the band.

  4. Side-Lying Extend