Photo by Brigitte Sire

Tracy Anderson on Exercising Your Way to Glowing Skin

Fitness maven Tracy Anderson has launched two new exciting extensions of her beloved TA brand: In NYC, she’s converted a former movie theater space on 59th and 2nd into an incredible, 6,000-square-foot studio, open now. Plus, her new, entirely organic, protein- and energy-boosting Ultimate Clear Bars are now available online, and in Target stores beginning April 9—in peanut butter cookie dough and cherry pie flavors, (need we say more)?

In celebration, we’re sharing part of the GOOP CLEAN BEAUTY book interview with TA on the effect of exercise on aging and our skin. (Check out the book for more from Tracy and other all-stars.)

A Sneak-Peek Q&A with Tracy Anderson


As we age, why is exercise increasingly important?


Exercising is the key to delaying the effects of aging and increasing our beauty span. Women are often surprised to hear that our muscle decreases by about 1 percent each year beginning at around the ripe old age of…thirty! Dynamic workouts that engage a variety of muscle groups in different ways, as well as the mind, keep us strong without wearing down our joints. Exercise also supports our bone structure as we lose density. It helps us to process hormonal shifts and changes; and it supports our immune system so we can recover faster from injuries and illness. And exercise is so important for our mental health—for feeling in control and connected, comfortable, happy, and confident in our bodies.

When you think you are too old to exercise is the time when it’s most important that you do. Whether you are forty, fifty, or older, it is imperative that you continue to move your entire body, creating healthy challenges for your muscles and brain.


What can exercise do for our skin, and what impact does it have on skin elasticity?


To keep the skin tight, we need to exercise, which allows us to maintain a strong, healthy muscle design. Without exercise, as we age our skin can become disconnected from our muscles because our connective tissue doesn’t have anything to pull the skin tight to, which results in skin that looks thinner and weaker. Another reason it’s beyond vital to exercise as you get older: Our production of collagen—the main protein in connective tissue—decreases with age and as a result of poor circulation. We’re going to get older whether we like it or not, but by exercising and increasing circulation, we can look fresher and healthier for much longer.