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A Workout Routine You Can Do Anywhere—Plus Tracy Anderson’s Travel Tips

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GP’s longtime fitness trainer Tracy Anderson isn’t one for excuses. She travels a lot (we typically start our phone calls with, “What time zone are you in, TA?”) but rarely misses a workout, whether she’s on a business trip or a family vacation. If your idea of getting out of town includes getting away from your workout routine—we feel you. But if you’ve ever come home feeling like you hit the airport food court or hotel minibar a little too hard and wishing you’d found a local gym along the way—we also feel you.

For TA, movement is a big part of self-care, personal restoration, and generally feeling good. And she’s not about to let that go out the window just because she’s out of town. Her online studio makes it simple (no one would call her workouts easy) to get a sweat even in a hotel room, and TA is constantly adding to the subscription program so it never gets old. We’re particularly excited about some new dance-cardio sessions that we heard were dropping on August 1, including a thirty-minute low-impact workout.

We’ll take TA on our screens, but this summer, we were lucky to slide into her travel schedule with two G. Sport Sessions in partnership with Westin Hotels & Resorts in Chicago and Austin. Along the way, we’re touring Westin’s wellness perks to help keep our routine on the road: They’ve got a slate of Peloton bikes, fresh juices and smoothies, bedside essential oils, and loaner New Balance gear when we forget our sneakers at home. Tickets are open now for the downtown Austin workout and Q&A with TA on August 25. For anyone who can’t be there, TA is sharing a workout routine you can do from nearly anywhere, along with her philosophy on travel, her on-the-go-hacks, and essentials you’ll always find in her carry-on.

On the Go with Tracy Anderson

Essentials to Pack

One thing TA always has on her? A toothbrush. “When you’re traveling and you’re tired or jet-lagged, just off a flight, brush your teeth as soon as possible,” she says. “Right away, you’ll make healthier choices.” If you don’t really want to default to fried food and a milkshake (sometimes you do!), TA recommends anything—a mist, face wipes—that makes you feel fresh. “When you feel crummy, you’re more likely to gravitate toward unhealthy food,” she says. She’s a fan of Tata Harper’s all-purpose essential oil mix, which you can swipe on your palms and inhale for instant rejuvenation or even use as a subtle scent: “I’ve used this for years while traveling.”

Eat Like TA

“Don’t pretend the airplane is going to be healthy,” TA says. Or if you know wherever you’re going isn’t going to have a ton of healthy, appealing options, plan ahead and bring what you can. TA packs GoMacro bars and Matt’s Munchies, which she describes as organic fruit roll-ups: “They give you a lot of energy if you’re running low from traveling or switching time zones.”

And before she goes anywhere, TA has her Restart protein shake. “It’s full of nutrition, and really great to have before a long flight,” she says.

Work Mind-set

“If I’m traveling for work, I always consider my overall well-being and health goals, and I encourage people to do the same,” TA says. Too often, we show up for our jobs when we’re on the road but ditch our self-care. TA encourages her clients to show up for themselves, too, and allot time to do things like work out while on a business trip. For this reason, we’re especially fans of in-room options that make it less complicated—like Westin’s spa services that come to you, or even in some locations, streaming cycling classes from your bedroom.

Vacation Mode

Sure, working out on vacation isn’t for everyone, and it’s not for every vacation. But TA would tell you to think about what you want to get out of your next trip: “A lot of people go away to have the idea of relaxation. They want to connect to friends and family. But they don’t take care of themselves.” Sometimes we skip town to get restored and then counterintuitively spend our time in that other place doing things that make us feel the opposite of restored. “The old-school mentality views vacation as a complete treat for the emotional self, but this can be a sort of self-sabotage,” she says. For clients who are trying to reach or maintain certain health goals, TA finds it can be really disruptive to quit exercising while traveling, because “once they get back, the challenge for personal restoration is so much greater.”

In TA’s mind, spending some time moving your body over vacation is definitely not a punishment. The end goal is “to get to a place where working out—and your physical health—is just a part of you who are, and it makes you feel better.”

Getting Your Sweat In

Still, even if you want to and have every intention of exercising on vacation—sneakers and G. Sport gear and all packed—it can be hard, particularly if you’re traveling with a group who might have another agenda. “Try to not be super rigid in the planning process,” TA suggests. “If you’re overly attached to the group schedule, it can be difficult to get a workout in.” But in your overall plan for getting away, make space for yourself, TA says—for a focused workout, online streaming, or even just a set of moves that you can do quietly on your own. Maybe you’re not going as hard or following your home routine rep by rep, but you’re still moving, and there’s merit to that.

Balancing Act

Think of the total (self) package. “I’m all for enjoying the beach, trying new restaurants, and everything else,” TA says. Vacation needs to be fun: “Have a few beers, champagne, a margarita, whatever. When you go out to eat, don’t show up like a dieter. Participate in everything on vacation.” But have a health balance sheet. “I’m not going to blow my budget on every meal,” she says. If you’re planning to go ham on a big BBQ lunch, maybe get up that morning and do your workout before going to lunch, she suggests. “If I know I’m going to overspend at lunch,” TA says. “I’ll have a shake and an organic coffee for breakfast. So maybe my emotional self is winning at lunch, but my physical self wins in the morning, and my intellectual self can buy into it all.”

Self-Care Time

We love a regular self-care session at home, and we’re all about turning it up to de-stress while traveling for work or to indulge in the best way while on vacation. And TA is on the same page. She’s into exfoliating body scrubs, dry-brushing, and, like GP, a good bath. “I love the G.Tox salt bath soak,” TA says. “If I’m going to stay somewhere nice, I’ll take it with me.”

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