Super Easy Gardening Beds for Kids

Starting a school garden is a great idea for so many reasons, but pulling together the resources to build a garden, keep it alive, and connect it with curriculum in a meaningful way takes a lot of energy. The Kitchen Community, a non-profit extension of the Boulder, Colorado-based restaurant chain, The Kitchen, offers a genius solution in the form of pre-fabricated learning gardens that solve lots of these problems at once. The sturdy, durable beds are safer and easier to assemble than traditional wooden beds, and they come with built-in irrigation systems. The curving, organic shapes are also modular, meaning you can find a space for them in even the tiniest schoolyard. Perhaps most importantly, the set-up comes with a bevy of lesson plans, guides, and educational resources for putting them to use. They’re also available for private residential use if you’re looking for a turn-key solution for your own backyard.