We are reminded daily of how important it is to vote. As journalist Mark Hertsgaard told us in a recent piece on climate change, we simply have to be politically active—there is no excuse: “You may say that you’re not interested in politics, but believe me: politics is interested in you.” And that’s true whether or not you feel represented by or invested in a political culture; it’s true if you find political debates boring; and it’s true if you find politics to be distressing. Every expert we’ve ever interviewed—whether the issue is environmentally focused, about family rights, economics, absolutely anything that matters—has said the same thing: Large scale changes happen at the political level—you create change with your vote. As women, we feel further compelled to show up to the polls where we know our voices will be heard. Modern activist and mother, Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, recently brought the point home for us: “Women make up only 19 percent of Congress, 24 percent of state lawmakers, and 4 percent of Fortune 1,000 CEOS—but we are the majority of the voting electorate.” Yet, the Center for American Women and Politics reported that only 64 percent of eligible women voted in 2012.

Which is why we are partnering with Rock the Vote and media brands across the country to encourage all women to register to vote in the election on November 8th. If you have not already, register to vote today, directly below, before your state’s deadline. Mark your calendar for November 8th (or for your vote-by-mail date). Spread the word: #OurVoteCounts.