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Skip the Plastic: 10 Easy Ways to
Green Your Gym Routine

Andrea Arria-Devoe goop

Andrea Arria-Devoe, a longtime editor at Daily Candy, is the executive producer of Straws, a documentary about how ditching plastic straws can make a massive difference to the environment. In her column for goop, Arria-Devoe shares her extensive knowledge about the best countertop composter, how to shop bulk, and other hacks for living the chicest, greenest life possible.

Single-use plastic is like mold. If you’re not vigilant, it’s everywhere. My daughter went to a co-op preschool where the kids were free to run around and in the mud. To my dismay, she would come home with her wet clothes in a single-use plastic bag. But when a routine inspection decreed the bags a choking hazard, the school replaced them with reusable nylon satchels, which parents then returned the next day. What a genius waste-saving solution born out of necessity. Wouldn’t it be great if gyms and workout studios adopted a similar system? Until they do, you can do your part.

APL Sneakers goop, $250


When you’re ready for a new pair of sneakers,
donate your used pair to an organization like
Soles4Soles, which gifts gently used shoes to
people in need.

Flight 001 Wet Suit Bag Flight 001, $18


This thick nylon drawstring bag is great for
sweat-drenched gear. It packs down into a tiny
pouch that can be slipped into a purse. (It also
works for wet bathing suits on beach days.)

SOMA x goop Glass Water Bottle goop, $32


A reusable water bottle is a must. Maybe buy
more than one. Stash one in your car. Put a
Post-it on your forehead to remember. (Mason
jars work, too.) If you forget your bottle, use the
water fountain at the gym—a mild
inconvenience that the ocean will thank you for.

Girlfriend Hi-Rise Legging Girlfriend, $78


These leggings made of recycled fishing nets
win eco brownie points and fit like a glove.
(Consider investing in a washing bag to prevent
microfibers from getting into the water stream.)

Crunchy Nut and Fruit Bars Recipe goop


Make your own pre- or post-workout protein
bar (so much better for you than the store-
bought kind) and carry it in a reusable container.

Kooshoo Organic Hair Ties Kooshoo, $15


Hair ties are proof that plastic can sneak up on
us in the tiniest ways—but these are made of
organic cotton and are totally plastic-free.

Suga Yoga Mat Suga, $79


If you need a mat, choose one that is made of
recycled goods (in this case, wet suits).

MMT Deodorant Cream goop, $14


Use a natural deodorant—in a glass jar.
Bonus: A jar allows you to use every last
drop—zero-waste goals.

Hikes in Santa Barbara goop


And on second thought, keep your
workout outdoors.