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We were very sad to learn of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary on December 14th, 2012 and would like to extend our sincerest condolences to the families, loved ones, and anyone affected by this devastating event. As a result, goop is adding The Sandy Hook Foundation to the three great organizations we are donating to and supporting this holiday season. The Edible Schoolyard, The David Lynch Foundation and Pencils of Promise have all touched us for their proven success in helping children.

Please read on to see how each organization has made a valuable difference in the fields of education, nutrition and general wellbeing for children. If you wish, you can also add to our donation by clicking through directly to each charity’s dedicated donation page and make a contribution. We hope that after reading about these wonderful causes, you will feel as passionately about them as we do.

1. Sandy Hook School Support Fund

The Sandy Hook School Support Fund, created by the United Way of Western Connecticut, will provide support services to families directly affected by the tragedy as well as the community at large.

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2. Edible Schoolyard

Founded in 1996 by culinary pioneer Alice Waters, The Edible Schoolyard Project envisions a school curriculum and school lunch program where growing, cooking, and sharing food at the table empowers students to care about what they eat and where their food comes from, and to build a sustainable future. Their programs demonstrate how gardens and kitchens are ideal classrooms for experiential learning—enriching academic subjects like science, math, history, and social studies. In addition to educating students in their local community and training teachers from around the country, The Edible Schoolyard Project has recently launched the first edible education online community. Members of the growing edible education movement can network, share classroom resources and stories about their work with allies around the world.

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3. The David Lynch Foundation

Dedicated to bringing free transcendental meditation instruction to at-risk adults and youth, particularly students in under-served urban schools, women and girls who are victims of violence and abuse, veterans who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and homeless adults and children. They are also teaching TM to people in Staten Island and Brooklyn whose lives were upended by Hurricane Sandy. (We’ve featured David Lynch on meditation before.)

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4. Pencils of Promise

Pencils of Promise is an international educational organization that focuses on building strong school structures and sustainable education programs. By forming long-lasting, collaborative relationships with communities, they increase access to quality education and positively impact students and parents in high-need communities throughout Ghana, Laos, Nicaragua, and Guatemala.

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