10 Ways to
Clean Up Your
an Instant

Cleaning up your daily routine—from the moment you wake up to the moment you shut down, so that it’s better for you and the environment—sounds like a few years’ worth of resolutions. But since that would be no fun at all, we’ve scoured for other options. Specifically, the hero products that allow change to happen in an instant: the starter kits that make single-use plastic obsolete, the only (nontoxic, nonstick) frying pans you need, the book that got us over our food hang-ups.

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    Call it the best thing to happen to your pantry’s organization system since ever: an easy way to get rid of throwaway baggies and single-use plastic containers for good. This classic-looking glass system includes everything you need to shop the bulk bin and store your food in a way worth writing home about. Filled with grains, the glass jars also double as a pretty counter display.

  • 10 Ways to Clean Up Your Routine
    Blisshaus x goop
    goop essential
    pantry set

    goop, $335
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    When people talk about new year’s resolutions and food, it’s often: “I’m giving up…” We fall into that trap, too, but what brings us out is focusing on all the things we are excited to cook. And there’s no more versatile and simple a place to start than the frypan, the culinary workhorse. We love these ones in particular because—aside from being done in icy blue (GP’s pick)—they’re nonstick and nontoxic, no harmful fumes involved. And both come with coordinating splashproof lids.

  • 10 Ways to Clean Up Your Routine
    goop x GreenPan
    10” & 12” Covered
    frypan set

    goop, $120
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    In her first book, our resident nutritionist, Shira Lenchewski, MS, RD, decodes the patterns that shape our often-complicated relationship with food. Similar to a one-on-one session, Lenchewski’s easy-to-follow (and judgment-free) road map includes daily actionable tools to plan ahead, make our desired food choices, tune in to satisfaction, and quit the guilt. We come back to this book any time we feel off track and just need to hear Lenchewski’s voice in our heads, and then again and again and always, for her recipes and meal plans.

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    the food therapist
    goop, $27
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    Even if your sleep routine is the exemplary, like-a-baby kind, Morihata can improve it. Crafted from a wood block that’s easy on the eyes, this Chikuno Cube doesn’t take up much nightstand real estate. There are no cords or wires. We say again: There are no cords or wires. And the cube uses activated bamboo charcoal to clean up the air in your space.

  • 10 Ways to Clean Up Your Routine
    air purifier
    goop, $136
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  • MAKE IT A BOWL 2.0

    Salads, cauli rice, mixed veggies, whatever leftovers are on the top level of the fridge go in here and magically look more appetizing. The Porter is a ceramic bowl with a silicone strap that snaps tight, making it easy (and safe) to transport your own lunch from home to the office or wherever the day is taking you. We’ve got the Porter stocked in blush and slate tones.

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    W&P Design
    to-go bowl
    goop, $40
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    You need to get out the front door, and if breakfast is going to hold its spot as the day’s most important meal, it’d better be quick. And easy. That is, it needs to be sippable. Answer: If it’s milkable or juiceable, this Kuvings juicer can have it coffee-cup-ready in minutes. The sleekest juicer we’ve ever laid eyes on, it has two pulsating speeds that can juice whole fruit, say, a thousand times more efficiently than we thought possible. It also comes with a built-in strainer (hi, pulp haters!), and you can use the blank strainer for homemade nut milks or puréeing your own baby food.

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    goop, $500
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    Environmental scientists forecast that there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050—so nixing single-use plastic water bottles isn’t just a choice; it’s a necessity. And this innovative stainless bottle is one of our favorite ways (look how chic it is) to cut back on plastic. A built-in UV-C LED light purifies the water, and the company donates a portion of its profits to 1% for the Planet.

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    goop, $95
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    If you’re a parent, lunch for your child almost always requires a packed lunch (plus snacks!). Depending on how many snacks, that can add up to thousands of disposable plastic baggies over the course of one child’s early education. Stasher’s reusable bags serve the exact same purpose—holding sandwiches, pretzels, apple slices, carrot sticks—over and over and over. They’re made of food-grade silicone, have an air-tight seal, and are safe to throw in the dishwasher and microwave.

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    bag set

    goop, $24
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    This brass incense holder is a piece of functional art: It comes with a stone agate burner and a sampler of Cinnamon Projects’ finest Japanese-style incense sticks. Leave the set out on your coffee table or a bookshelf so its elegant design is on prominent display.

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    goop x Cinnamon Projects
    burner + incense set
    goop, $295
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    Cleaning is a chore, but it’s become a lot less annoying since we started using Supernatural. The concentrates (one for the bathroom, one for glass, one for wood, one for countertops) are made with essential oils and potent plant-based ingredients. They work great, they smell great (like bright, fresh citrus and the woodsy outdoors), and they’re nontoxic, so you’re cleaning with ingredients that are actually…clean.

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    starter set
    goop, $75