Detox Guide

It’s become a goop tradition to team the Annual goop Detox with a guide to the very best kitchen tools, cookware, subscriptions, classes, etc.—to get the most out of every clean meal. (If you want to mirror the detox goods stocked in the goop test kitchen, this ensures you won’t be left mid-recipe trying to figure out where to find a mandolin.) Below, the kitchen players you’ll work with again and again, along with some worthy foodie detours.


Traditional nonstick cookware is generally bad news—environmental scientist Arlene Blum explains the scary health concerns around the highly fluorinated chemicals (responsible for the nonstick property), here. Since making good food in toxic cookware feels counterproductive at best, we’ve rounded up the highest performing pots and pans (including no-mess, easy-cleanup, nonstick options) that are entirely safe, regardless of the kind of heat you’re working with.


These are the five-star, uber-functional tools and accessories that you’ll (nearly) always find in our food editors’ hands. Less tangible, for example, is a session with Kitchen Healer Jules Blaine Davis, which will shift the way you think about food prep, for one. (If you’re in LA, Davis offers intimate group evenings at Culver City’s WMN Space—see the entire healing programming roster, here—designed to get your body moving and to help you reconnect with it.) And stay tuned for Davis’s 2018 retreat announcement, which goes down on an island off the coast of Vancouver.


Making your own nut milk or nut milk alternative is not as involved as it may sound with the right setup. (But we also don’t begrudge a great delivery service—so options for both below.) Ditto for juices and smoothies—and what’s more fun than spiralizing? Here, you’ll find all the beverage recipes from the goop test kitchen files, and for more one-on-one help cleaning up your smoothie rotation, we recommend nutritionist Kelly Leveque (best known for her #FAB4Smoothie: protein + fat + fiber + greens).


For anyone who’s all set with the basics (organic quinoa, chia seeds, sunflower butter, and so on), we’re debuting our new goop spice set—six breakfast-focused spices that can reboot a tired AM meal routine. Also refreshing: growing your own herbs and supporting the organizations that are helping to take care of pantries in need.

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