The Detox Guide

Every January, we put the baked goods in the deep freezer, stash our wine and recalibrate our diet toward the cleaner, allergen-free end of the spectrum. Below, you will find the detox tenets we abide by, including plenty of advice from our roster of experts.

The Basics of Detoxing

A good detox is pretty simple, though there are easy ways to take it even further.

Easy Detoxes

No time to cook, no problem. Some simple hacks below for
inserting some clean eating into your routine without really slaving over the stove. (And a few shorter spins if a week feels intimidating.)

Working Girl Detox
Three-Day Summer Detox
Soup Cleansing—and Why It’s So Good
Wellness & Detox Retreats

Advanced Detoxes

If you’re plagued by issues like parasites or heavy metals, you might need a bit more than a standard clean eating protocol. Below, some advice on working through more complex problems.

Goat Milk Cleanse
A Heavy Metal Detox
Why Bone Broth is So Good For Us
How to Get Mercury Out of Your System

Clean Beauty

Clean Beauty—and Why It’s Important

The personal care industry is effectively unregulated, which means that companies are essentially free to pack products that we use every day (mascara, face wash, shampoo, et al.) with toxic ingredients, including known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. At goop, we are creating a new standard of beauty, one that we simply call “clean.”

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Our bodies were built to detox on their own—but experts believe that they simply can’t keep up with the toxins we’re exposed to every day, whether it’s in our food, our personal care products, or our cleaning products.


More and more mainstream doctors are coming around to the idea that dis-ease has emotional components—that when we don’t deal with our issues, we make ourselves sick.


The personal care industry operates without regulation, meaning that many conventional beauty and personal care products are (legally) laced with known endocrine disruptors and carcinogens.

Our Experts

Below, a few of the doctors and experts who we rely on here at goop.


Where to look when deeper healing is required.

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