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Detox Guide

We’re of the mind that what you put on your body should be held to the same high standards as what you put in it. (We even wrote a book on the topic.) While there’s no wrong time to kick conventionally toxic products out of your shower and load up on self-care sessions that power your body’s built-in detox systems, January is an especially good place to start if you’re following along with our beginning-of-the-year food plan. Here, everything your body needs to really go clean (i.e. all-star, everyday skin care essentials), along with some ideas for upping your detox game (metaphysical colonic, anyone?).

1: Supercharge Your Detox

Sure, skipping gluten is a central tenet of every detox. Also clutch? Getting into a routine that includes a bit of sweat, stimulation, exfoliation, and deep detoxification. We’ve put together a full detox package so you can pick and chose what’s right for you.

2: Clean Up Your Daily Routine

For the products we use daily, we only want what’s clean. No toxic ingredients. Period. Here, we’re spotlighting the aces across the board (face wash, lip balm, mascara, etc.)—plus, a few great clean beauty resources and services to go with them.

3: Perfect Your Shower & Medicine Cabinet Lineup

If we don’t want toxic ingredients on our face, we really don’t want them near our yoni—hence, a personal care assortment that considers every inch of the body. As you stock up on fan favorite Cocofloss (or perhaps take your first menstrual cup for a spin), be sure to check out the worthy nonprofit, Lava Mae, which repurposes old buses into hygiene stations for the homeless in LA and SF.

4: Replenish the Essentials

We swear by the ability of a detox to make us feel shiny and new. Feeling 100 percent—long after a ten- or thirty-day cleanse wraps—requires long term commitment, particularly to gut health and a wellness-centric daily routine. Here’s how to make it easier (all your daily vitamins in one pocket-sized packet—check!) and more fun: