How to Prep for a Hangover

How to Prep for a Hangover

You often have an inkling that you’re going to tie one on—so why not prep for the aftermath in advance? We asked Dr. Van Herle for some tips.

In Advance

1. Eat

Feed your body some healthy proteins and good carbohydrates (like quinoa, fish, chicken breast, vegetables) as your body will need these for fuel the next morning.

2. Drink

Drink 4-6 extra glasses of water to be sure you are well-hydrated.

Day After

1. Stay Cool

Avoid getting over-heated which will cause further dehydration. Avoid heavy exercise as well as too much sun exposure.

2. Drink Electrolytes

Drink plenty of cool fluids including electrolytes if possible to rehydrate and cool the body down (ex. Gatorade, coconut water).

3. Ginger

Regular ginger ale can help because people often have low blood sugar with a hangover and ginger also helps with nausea. Low blood sugar is what sometimes causes “the shakes.”

4. Alka-Seltzer

Alka-Seltzer can help settle the stomach while also providing aspirin for pain relief (be sure to check with your doctor first if you are not sure you can take aspirin).

5. Sleep

Go to bed early so that your body can replenish the hormones produced during sleep that you probably missed out on staying out late the night before.