Detox Supplements, Herbs, Quick Shots,
and a Starter Meal Kit

We don’t want to wait until our annual five-day detox in January to make sure our hardworking detox organs are fully supported. Here are some supplements and a meal kit to give the body a little extra help. These plant extracts and nutrients can help support healthy detoxification by the lungs, liver, skin, gut, and, well, every cell.



G.Tox Detoxifying Superpowder is goop’s state-of-the-art formula for gracefully dealing with an imperfect world. This daily shot of botanical extracts and nutrients will help your liver and skin neutralize toxic compounds—both those we knowingly imbibe and those we can’t avoid. The star is silymarin from milk thistle extract. Bonus: Boosting your body’s detox pathways is a great way to support glowing skin.*



In Ayurvedic medicine, a healthy gut is considered foundational to overall well-being, and triphala is the go-to for gut health. This time-honored formula gently supports the most basic of our body’s detox processes: elimination. Organic India Triphala contains organic fruits (amla, biblitaki, and haritaki), vegetarian capsules, and nothing  else.



When it promises to become a crazy day, stir this blend of reishi mushroom, peppermint, and ashwagandha into a warm drink for a calm start. Adaptogenic, relaxing treats aren’t always squeaky-clean—but this one is. Yoga in a Cup is certified-organic and caffeine-free, so it’s a great addition to a detox regimen.



For those who want apple cider vinegar but don’t want to drink it: convenient softgels with 600 milligrams of apple cider vinegar powder. Apple cider vinegar was one of the original products to populate the shelves of health-food stores in the 1960s, and it’s still in demand.



This one you’ll want to drink: organic orange and strawberry with a generous dose of vitamin C, your favorite health insurance. And by the way, vitamin C continues to be reaffirmed by research as a super important detox and wellness ingredient.



Maybe you’ve always wanted to fast—to give your body a rest, to support detox, maybe to lose a few pounds. But reality gets in the way. So: Imagine five days of simple, minimal foods delivered to your door for a fasting-mimicking diet that does not defy reality. Soups and bars are made of real, whole foods. Olives, crackers, vitamin supplements, and teas round out the menu. No cooking or shopping means time for reading and yoga.



Another option is to get extra detox support from your daily multivitamin. Balls in the Air has N-acetylcysteine to replenish glutathione (the body’s master detoxifier), plus broccoli-sprout powder and broccoli-seed extract. Six tablets and capsules—with vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fats, and plant extracts—are already sorted into daily packets for your convenience.



Elderberry is delicious, and it’s used traditionally for immune support, so go ahead and enjoy this soft chew all year long. Organic elderberry extract is combined with EpiCor dried yeast fermentate for those of you who want an easy boost without popping a pill.

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