A Hangover Cure-All

A Hangover Cure-All

We asked Dr. Oz Garcia for his tips on curing a hangover:

“When my clients ask what I recommend for the morning after a night of partying and merriment, I always recommend they take my OZ Brain Enhancement Sticks.

“Not to be self-serving, but the OZ Brain Sticks formula is extraordinary. They are jam-packed with B Vitamins that can help you recover from or even avoid hangovers.
Drinking depletes the body of essential vitamins and nutrients. When your system is overtaxed with too much alcohol, it can leave you feeling extremely run down. The high potency B-Complex found in OZ Brain Sticks can help restore energy levels after a night of alcohol indulgence. The body utilizes B vitamins when under stress. Replenishing with a potent B Complex can help you shorten the duration of your hangover and significantly reduce symptoms.

“I always recommend that clients take one before a big night out, again when they wake up and then again during the day. This improves memory, increases awareness, focus, and concentration, makes you think and react faster, eases stress, and anxiety, sustains energy without jitters, and increases oxygen flow to the brain.

“Other beneficial ingredients in OZ Brain Enhancement Sticks“:

1. Choline An amino acid that protects the brain.
2. DMAE Used for enhancing memory and mood, as well as boosting cognitive function.
3. Ginkgo Biloba A Chinese herb often used for memory loss.