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The 10 Items That
Your Workday

A self-cleaning water bottle, a two-tier lunch box, a candle that’s as calming as a trip to the spa—there are things in this world that make work life a little easier and a little more civilized. And we’re making room for every single one of them.

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    Forget that this travel mug cuts back on single-use plastic. Or that it has an easy anti-spill lid. Or that the pale-blush shade is so much chicer than the ubiquitous greige. What we really love is the size: a generous fourteen ounces (of oat milk latte or whatever’s your pleasure) that fits perfectly in our center console or hands en route to the office.

  • W & P Design To-Go Mug Pink
    W&P Design
    porter ceramic to-go mug
    goop, $25
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    Who doesn’t love a coffee pod? But the single-use plastic and aluminum components are ugly contributors to environmental waste. Which is why we love Woken so much. These pods are 100 percent compostable—you can put them right in your garden or compost box—which means the remnants won’t make a home in a landfill. It comes in three flavors—Lungo, strong and dark; Vanilla, with a hint of creaminess; and Arabica, lighter and more fragrant.

  • Woken Exclusive Mix Cabsules Goop
    goop, $40.50
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    If you’d told us a year ago that we could have a travel bottle and a water filter in one, we’d have thought: Why didn’t we come up with this brilliant idea?! Well, at least someone did. And now we’re obsessed. You can fill up this bottle anywhere—the train station, the office sink, wherever—and its filtration system removes contaminants from water. It’s super convenient and ultralightweight, and most importantly, the water tastes great.

  • Mizu Life 360 M9 Everyday Filter Water Bottle
    Mizu Life
    360 M9 Everyday Filter Water Bottle
    goop, $46
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    This potent miracle oil sinks into skin instantly, leaving it remarkably supple, soft, and glowing. Press a few drops onto the skin in the morning and any other time you need your skin to be at its radiant best. We also keep one at our desk—just pat it gently over makeup for a midday pick-me-up. It’s the perfect antidote to dry office air.

  • goop by Juice Beauty Enriching Face Oil
    goop by Juice Beauty
    enriching face oil
    goop, $110
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  • Lighting the Way

    This is one of the most gorgeous scents that’s ever been created out of wax. The potent blend of essential oils turns any room into a place of calm and serenity. Light one at your desk and watch, amazed, as emailing becomes a pleasant task. If nothing else, your coworkers will thank you.

  • Uma Wellness Candle
    pure calm wellness candle
    goop, $68
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  • A Better Straw

    Linda Booker, the director of the documentary Straws, said, “Plastic straws are a habit”—so why not make it a better habit? This four-pack of reusable stainless steel straws is a no-brainer. We keep one at our desk, one in our bag, a couple in the glove compartment. Turtles the world over will thank you.

  • Onyx Stainless Steel Straws
    stainless steel straws, set of 4
    goop, $12
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  • Carry On

    Things that make us bonkers: having the wherewithal to bring our lunch to work and then having that lunch turn on us and spill in our bag. Which is why this travel bowl is a fixture at goop HQ. The light ceramic vessel has a durable lid and silicone strap to keep whatever’s inside—soup, oatmeal, salad with oily dressing—sealed. Really sealed. Maybe hermetically sealed.

  • W & P Design Ceramic To-Go Bowl W & P Design Ceramic To-Go Bowl
    W&P Design
    porter ceramic to-go bowl
    goop, $40
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    We like to add a few drops of this natural elixir to clean hands, then take a deep breath in. The potent
    oils—lavender, eucalyptus, pine, and lemon
    myrtle—seem to naturally clear our senses (and lift us out of that inevitable 3 p.m. workday slump).

  • De Mamiel Altitude Oil
    de Mamiel
    altitude oil
    goop, $48