A Day in the Life …

One of our readers emailed goop about “finding a good balance between having a career and being a mom,” which got me thinking about the other extremely busy working mothers I know and what their days might be like. I asked a few friends, including fashion designer Stella McCartney to send in a day in her life to see how she do the mothers’ special—everything all at once.


On a wintry day in November 2010 a very pregnant
(with her 4th child!) Stella McCartney wrote…

Woke up, was not fun, I am tired! Bailey, my daughter, on the monitor, saying, “Mummy I need a poo!” I tried to talk her out of it as it was so early. She eventually forgot her half-hearted excuse to get me up and started singing to herself. Bailey is 3. I made my way upstairs, and got Miller, my oldest son, and her up and into my bed for a cuddle. My husband, Alasdhair, is away on work, which is rare as we both hate leaving the monkeys. Miller is 5. We go down and have breakfast, cereal, toast, eggs, the lot! The kids eat so well in the morning … Good start to the day. I go upstairs and get Beckett, our youngest at 2. He is obsessed with getting dressed, so each morning he says he wants to choose his trousers before I even get my kiss or cuddle. He can take over designing for my brand when he is big! I get the other kids dressed and scooter them down the street. Miller goes to school and Bailey to nursery. As I’m so busy during the day, the mornings are concentrated kid time so I make sure to spend the morning with them, making breakfast and getting them out of bed before our nanny, Jennie, gets to our house to look after Beckett. They are going to visit my sister’s boy, Sam, and look at the barge boats on Little Venice canal. Wish I was going with them.

I go into the office, where my day can turn into a flurry of meetings, as there are always a lot of projects and collaborations on. I try to cram as much in as possible so that I can spend the mornings and evenings with my family. My first meeting is with my shop architects and store planner. We are discussing possible stores in the States, their locations, how we design them, and how they should function. Las Vegas is our next store, so we’re attacking that today. The meeting is brief as I have four people outside the glass wall making gestures that I have to go to my next meeting. I stay out of scheduling for the most part and let my team get me from a to b.

Next I have a YSL beauty meeting. It’s hard-core, and there’s tons to do. They have come over from Paris and we have an agenda from hell. Some of it is top secret so all goop readers will have to hold their breath, I am afraid. Some bits, though, are for your ears. We are working on new bottle design and outer packaging for the Stella Sheer fragrance. It had some more work to be done but in principle was OK. We talked about the Mother’s Day set…blah blah blah.

My day has already started getting late. I am behind, so I decide to do my next meeting in the car on the way to Covent Garden’s adidas offices. Artist Dinos Chapman is my taxi date. We have worked together a lot; he did a giant fuzzy felt backdrop for my show two years ago and did my advertising campaign too with Kate Moss and Ryan McGinley. We are working on another project, and he thinks I am a dweeebo for having to do work on wheels, but at least we got it done!

I arrive at adidas, it’s a big day for me there as today I am showing the British Olympic Association my Team GB London 2012 concept. I am the creative director for adidas’s team GB for the Olympics and the Paralympics. It’s major and I am so excited! It is honestly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I have a strong concept and today was about showing the BOA my direction. They were really positive … It is totally just the starting points so just the very, very beginning concepts, but it’s just to give an idea. I do some press photos and video, which I hate, and head back to collect Miller.

Home sweet home. I hang with the kids, read books, we all talk about our day—they are full of all the energy I wish I had. I head off to parents evening at Miller’s school. Reading all his books is so amazing. They are so brilliant and some are so funny! He is doing well. I think he is a star. I head back home and put the monkeys to bed. They are all in pajamas. We sit on the bed and read, and I demand my usual cuddles. Jen leaves at 6:30, so I try my best to juggle the three monkeys and keep them all in one piece till bed time. Then get ready for dinner, head off to meet Gwyneth, mother of all goops!