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Productivity Hacks of 4
Successful Career Women

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It’s one thing to be busy. It’s quite another to have days that are actually productive. So we asked four incredibly hardworking professionals on top of their game how they got there and stayed there. Their hacks may vary, but each one helped these women achieve a few common goals—less busywork, more efficiency, and better time management.


    Katie Bolz

    Senior Product Manager

  • Katie Bolz manages at least fifty things a day—seriously, that’s her job as goop’s
    senior product manager—while always maintaining her calm and positivity. She’s a
    beacon of humor and efficiency here at goop HQ, and a total inspiration.

    “Being productive means managing my engagement. I can accomplish a lot in
    one day if I prioritize, then fully engage in what I’m doing rather than trying to
    talk to one person while pinging another. Slack and email can be the enemy of
    being present. Snooze those bad boys.”

    “My job as a product manager requires constant
    transparency and collaboration with designers,
    developers, analysts, and other product managers. I
    get a lot of value out of Confluence, a software
    system that allows me to create, organize, and
    discuss projects with my team in real time.”

  • GOOGLE Not Pink Pixel Phone GOOGLE Pixel 3 Google, from $799

    “I rely on a really good phone.
    Make that a stellar phone. One
    that’s a full-screen, picture-taking, super smart, hyper-adaptable
    extension of myself.”


    “I am a checklist junkie.
    Evernote—both the desktop
    and app versions—helps me
    stay on top of my to-dos. It
    also keeps track of any sloppily
    written notes I’ve jotted down
    during a meeting-packed day.”

  • OPTP foam roller OPTP foam roller goop, $17

    “Every morning and night, I use
    a foam roller to help stretch
    out my whole body. I like the
    shorter travel size one because
    it fits nicely near my bedside
    so it’s ingrained in my routine.”

  • CALM CALM CALM, starting at $60

    “I have a strict goal to
    meditate once per day, twice if
    I need extra love. I use the
    meditation app Calm. I love
    how it has a variety of options
    to keep your mind, well,
    calmer. There are even
    meditations for mindful walks, which I totally recommend.
    (But don’t bring your dogs.)”


    Sally Kohn

    CNN political commentator,
    activist, columnist, and author
    of The Opposite of Hate

  • Go to any peaceful, progressive community rally and there’s a good chance the
    leaders were inspired by Sally Kohn. Hers is the voice that so often informs
    conversations on humanity and social rights. (Kohn’s book, The Opposite of Hate,
    should be required reading for every human.)

    “My friend, motivational guru Mel Robbins, encourages folks to make their task
    list for the day before they do anything else, including looking at email,
    social media, etc. I’ve been doing that lately, and it really helps, especially in a
    business that can be super reactive. It’s nice to focus first on my goals for the
    day before I let in the noise.”
  • GOOGLE maps GOOGLE maps App Store, free

    “Can’t live without it,
    especially for subway
    directions in NYC. And I
    can drop pins for my
    go-to restaurant spots,
    etc. I love Google Maps.”

  • ACTION METHOD action book ACTION METHOD action book Action Method, $16

    “I love how these have space set to the
    side for tasks, action items, etc. And that
    there’s grid paper in the mix. Just feels
    like it creates an active, task-oriented
    writing space that matches my brain. It
    keeps me focused.”

  • WUNDERLIST app WUNDERLIST app Wunderlist, free

    “I’m a huge to-do list
    maker. I prefer paper, but
    it’s hard given how much I
    travel. I usually keep a
    master task list digitally and
    then make a list for that
    day’s tasks on paper.”

  • TRACEY TANNER large pouch TRACEY TANNER large pouch Tracey Tanner, $49

    “I’m very into bags. I’m very into
    organization. And I’m very into glitter. Tracey
    Tanner pouches check all my boxes. I have
    one of her gold glitter bags that I keep a set
    of my computer cords in. It stays in my
    carry-on bag (my Lo & Sons Hanover
    , which I also ADORE!), so I always
    have the cords I need for travel. When I get
    them out, I get the joy of the glitter and soft
    leather. It’s the small things, folks.”

  • ON Cloud sneakers ON Cloud sneakers On, $130

    “On Cloud sneakers have
    become my favorite travel
    shoes. I can wear them
    casually with a pair of jeans
    and to work out, which means
    less to pack. And I love how
    lightweight they are. They feel
    much more fun for my feet.”



    Founder and CEO of UMA Oils

  • Shrankhla Holecek is involved in the marketing, the concepts, the team building,
    the you-name-its of her beauty and wellness oil business. That often means trips
    to her family’s farm in India, where she and her team harvest the oils. Holecek is
    a force, no doubt. And she’s also one of the nicest people we know.

    “I’ve been working on taking a broader view of productivity, while trying not
    to compromise on being the best I can be every day. It’s not easy. But I think all
    of us owe ourselves that attempt.”
  • GMAIL GMAIL Gmail, free

    “I love the pause button on my Gmail inbox. There way too
    many shiny red balls lurking in my inbox, multiplying by the
    second, that make me punt doing other important things.”

    Why Am I So Effing Tired? goop, $90

    “These goop vitamins help me
    work—and play—harder.”

  • EQUINOX app EQUINOX app App Store, free

    “A few times a week, I anchor my day
    around an evening workout, like a spin
    class, that I book via my Equinox App.
    If I don’t show, the app bans me from
    signing up the next time. Nothing
    makes you feel more like a deadbeat
    than the bold red Strike 1 that shows up
    every time you open the app.”

  • TOGGL app TOGGL app Toggl, pricing varies

    “Being the CEO of a young
    company means going
    between strategizing global
    expansion and overseeing
    janitorial coverage, often in
    the span of an hour. So it’s
    become crucial for me to
    track my time to ensure it
    goes toward value-accretive
    activities. Toggl has been a
    simple but effective tool for
    doing just that.”

  • UMA pure calm wellness oil UMA pure calm wellness oil goop, $85

    “I rely heavily on my UMA products for my daily anchor moments to pull up from
    the grind and reflect. Sometimes it’s a face oil massage in the a.m.; other times it’s
    incorporating the Pure Calm Wellness Oil into my nighttime ritual. It doesn’t take
    much time, and it’s so pleasurable.”


    Chidi Cohen

    Doula, cofounder and CEO
    of LOOM, author of Nurture

  • Along with legions of other women, we look to Erica Chidi Cohen for advice on
    motherhood, pregnancy, and self-care. And since she also co-runs a successful
    health education and community hub in Los Angeles, we ping her for boss business
    insight, too.

    “I love figuring out how to work smarter, not harder. I’m constantly looking for
    new ways to up my productivity. That said, I try not to take it too seriously,
    and I also prioritize my self-care. I’m less about balance and more about taking care of myself as intensely as I work.”
  • MIND & MOTION Pilates MIND & MOTION Pilates Mind & Motion, pricing varies

    “For ten years, I have been doing classical Pilates. I
    couldn’t get through the week without my sessions
    with Meghan Pickrell at Mind & Motion, which support
    my body and my mind. I love how detailed it is.”

  • INCAUSA palo santo INCAUSA palo santo goop, $12

    “I burn palo santo
    constantly at home.
    There’s something so
    soothing about striking
    a match, letting the
    flame burn, and
    breathing in the scent.
    A reminder to be in
    the moment.”

  • SLACK SLACK Slack, pricing varies
  • ASANA ASANA ASANA, pricing varies

    “I love both Asana and Slack. Asana
    helps us keep track of what we need to
    do, and Slack helps us streamline
    communication. They both help me and
    my team save time and keep us off of
    email unless we’re dealing with external
    communications, which is a boon.”