Meet Your New EA: She’s a Robot

When most people think of artificial intelligence, they imagine a robot along the lines of C3PO or Eva from Ex Machina. Which is probably why so many people mistake the amazing virtual assistant software x.ai (also known as Amy) for a real person. The AI-based virtual assistant schedules meetings for you with human-like manners and patience, but inhuman accuracy and memory. Here’s how it works: Amy gets access to your calendar and some of your preferences, like your favorite restaurants and your time zone. Then, when you’re trying to schedule a meeting, add her in the cc line; she takes it from there, and you’ll get a calendar invitation when the date is set. She handles all of the back and forth, reschedules if someone has to cancel, and keeps your inbox totally open to deal with real issues. There’s currently a wait list for the beta version (which, unbelievably, is free), but it’s definitely worth signing up—you’re likely to get off before the anxiously anticipated premium option goes live.

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