Photo by Heather Clawson/Habitually Chic

Desk Drawer Emergency Products

Beyond the makeup bag, keeping a small, permanent arsenal in your desk drawer at work is fantastic for emergencies—the unexpected post-work date, the huge meeting you completely forgot about, the suddenly-cranking heat system that’s left your skin beyond dry. But it’s even better for infusing a bit of deluxeness and self-care into the workday. A spritz of skin mist or a quick cuticle treatment re-invigorate and re-inspire you in a way that yet-another coffee can’t. Why not inspire/comfort yourself with glamour and indulgence?


De-grime and moisturize all at once with these delicate, coconut-oil infused cloths; in a pinch, you can also clean your computer screen and sunglasses, wipe away smudging eye makeup, and more. RMS Beauty Ulitmate Makeup Remover Wipe – 20 Pack, goop, $16   |   Shop Now


When the 4pm slump hits and you’d normally pile on makeup, run a little face oil between your fingers and gently pat into your skin (avoid mascara and other makeup, though if it smudges, the oil makes the smudge easier to wipe away). It’ll revive and renew your makeup in a way that’s nothing short of miraculous—as it infuses your skin with moisture. goop by Juice Beauty Enriching Face Oil, goop $110   |   Shop Now


The cure for just about any moment of dullness, spritz moisturizing mist on as often as you like. It moisturizes skin, revives makeup, and jolts you with a little glamour. Lavett & Chin Coconut Moisturizing Facial Mist, goop, $32   |   Shop Now

Delightful multitasking rollerball

This tiny aromatherapeutic oil concoction works to make you feel and smell nicer; just the name itself makes us smile, and the scent is complex and original. In a pinch, it doubles as face oil. Tata Harper Aromatic Irritability Treatment, goop $65   |   Shop Now


You wash your hands all the time; assess any older person’s hands, and you’ll see they suffer disproportionately from sun damage. So every time you wash your hands, rub a little SPF between the back of your hands. This one not only protects, it moisturizes, and smells beautifully of lavender. Naturopathica Lavender Protective Moisturizer SPF 17, goop, $58   |   Shop Now


Offices are dry; put lip balm on as often as you think of it, and your lips will look and feel dramatically healthier. Some people wear lipstick all day, but most save the lipstick for a major meeting at least. This balm, shaped like a tiny deodorant, is deeply moisturizing, smells faintly citrusy, and comes either clear or tinted. The tints leave a bit of brightness but not to much texture or pigment on your lips, so they’re easily applied without a mirror. (Currant, below, is GP’s favorite balm.) Olio E Osso Balm, goop $28   |   Shop Now


For the advanced self-care enthusiast, this beautiful glass vial of nail treatment feels nice, smells nice, and keeps your manicure looking fantastic. Life-changing for people who bite their nails when the pressure’s on. French Girl Organics Nail + Cuticle Oil, goop, $20   |   Shop Now

Clear nail polish… plus

Again, this might seem for the advanced, but anyone who ever wears tights or nylons needs clear nail polish in their desk drawer, full stop. Will you be thrilled to find you also have remover, and a file, plus emergency deep-red and pale-pink clean polish? On the day you (or one of your coworkers) suddenly needs them, you will. Cotê Traveler Gift Set, goop, $38   |   Shop Now

Incredible oil

This, you just inhale. It’s brilliant for the plane (hence the “altitude” in the name) but equally so for an office building. de Mamial Altitude Oil, goop, $44   |   Shop Now