Ambition Isn’t a Dirty Word

Ambition is what gets anybody anywhere, regardless of gender. Somehow, though, in many circles, the word “ambitious” takes on a disparaging tone when applied to someone female. Today, GP joins with Tory Burch and like-minded women and men across the globe on the #EmbraceAmbition campaign, which aims to change the assumptions, conversations, and behaviors surrounding women and ambition.

Goop wouldn’t be here without the unfettered ambition of many, many women. The daring to push your ideas forward, to believe in your own imagination, is deeply transformative and powerful.

Support us by buying the t-shirt or bracelet Tory designed (all of the proceeds go to women aiming to grow and fund their companies through the Tory Burch Foundation), or simply embracing ambition, within yourself, and when you see it in other women. Only 4 percent of the CEOs in this country are women (ours is), yet we’re 47 percent of the workforce—we all need to embrace ambition if that’s ever going to change.

See GP (and a bunch of other seriously cool people) talk about it below.