6 Analog Agendas for the New Year

Unless you have the foresight to prep for 2016 weeks in advance, if you’re anything like us, you’re scrambling to assemble a post-holiday to-do list. Sure there are infinite calendar and time-management apps around, but opting for a paper planner feels like a radical and blessedly low-tech move. The ones below are designed with all the organizational bells and whistles, but zero battery life restrictions.

  • Julia Kostreva

    Julia Kostreva

    Open dated, so you can jump on (or off) the organization bandwagon whenever.

  • Redstar Ink

    Redstar Ink

    A fail-proof system for keeping track of bills as well as important dates.

  • Created by Iconic

    Created by Iconic

    Sleek and simple.

  • Notizbuch


    Sized small to fit in the slimmest purse.

  • Poketo


    A gorgeous notebook-style planner that’s meant to live on your desk.

  • The Paper Tiger

    The Paper Tiger

    As the name suggests, this Barcelona-made book functions as a personal assistant.