Date Night Set

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Date Night Set


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This set includes one vibrator for the vulva and one for the penis. First up: Nova 2, a rabbit-shaped vibrator for the vulva. Nova 2’s long head is firm and adjustable, which allows you to shape the angle just right for your G-spot, and the short head is bendy, letting you keep it in continuous contact with your clitoris as you explore different levels of penetration. Each head has its own motor you can control independently, with ten vibration patterns and thirteen intensity levels. Its ergonomic grip makes it easy to control from any angle. And while this vibrator was originally made for solo play, a partner can join in from across the room (or across the globe) by operating Nova 2 remotely via the We-Vibe app. 

Pivot is a penis ring with powerful rumbly vibrations. It’s soft, stretchy, and comfortable to wear—just add a bit of lube to slide it on—and it fits snugly between partners during penetrative sex. There’s one simple button on the device itself to switch between modes, or you can use the We-Vibe app to operate Pivot over wifi.

Both toys are waterproof, made from body-safe silicone that feels smooth and gentle on the skin, and rechargeable with batteries that last up to two hours on a charge.

  • Waterproof
  • USB rechargeable
  • Body-safe silicone

We-Vibe’s line of (very good) sex toys started with white space: Founder Bruce Murison couldn’t find a vibrator that fit between two bodies during intercourse—let alone one that was intuitive to use and made with safe materials. That search led to the invention of the original We-Vibe vibrator. It’s built in the shape of a C, and it stimulates the G-spot and clitoris—and the penis of the penetrating partner—all at the same time, hands-free. From there, We-Vibe pioneered the world of app-controlled vibrator technology. And they’ve produced dozens more genius designs for sexual pleasure.

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